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 SRU salutes dedicated staff with service pins, awards 




February 20, 2007

Contact: K.E. Schwab  



SRU salutes dedicated staff with service pins, awards


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -  Slippery Rock University President Robert M. Smith thanked members of the University staff for their dedication and service to the University and presented service pins and awards in various categories at Thursday's annual Staff Appreciation Picnic.

           The service pins and awards were presented in five-year increments to those achieving 10- to 35-year milestones.

           "Your hard work, dedication and attention to detail are what help make Slippery Rock University great. The appearance of our campus, its buildings, residence halls and related facilities make an impression on current and potential students, as well as their parents. The appearance of our campus and the service provided our students are crucial. Your hard work on behalf of our University, and in particular our students, can clearly be seen. Thank you," Smith said.

           He used the event to outline the University's strategic plan through 2012, including calls for new facilities, upgrades of existing facilities and plans for enrollment increases. 


35-year plaques were presented to: 

Mary Beth Keffalas                          Academic Advisement Center                  Slippery Rock

Vicki Liston                                      Facilities and Planning                               Grove City

Debra Moors (recently retired)          Sociology/Anthropology/Social Work   Volant

Jean Richardson                               Academic Affairs                                       Grove City


30-year plaques were presented to:

Carol Dickey                                    Counseling Center                                      Slippery Rock

Dixie Hogue                                     Elementary Education/Early Childhood   Slippery Rock

Marsha McKnight                             Academic Services                                    Grove City


25-year plates were presented to:

Cinda Taggart                                   Contracts Office                                           Slippery Rock


20-year service pins were presented to:

Anthony Caldarelli                            Lifelong Learning                                      Grove City

Dennis Colosimo                              Facilities and Planning                          Slippery Rock

Laurel Dagnon                                  Community Service Learning Institute        Slippery Rock

Larry Gargasz                                  Facilities and Planning                               Grove City

Chester Glenn                                   Facilities and Planning                             Harrisville

Karen Hogg                                     Modern Languages and Cultures             Slippery Rock

Leigh McGuirk                                 College of Business, Information and Social Science

                                                                                                                              New Wilmington 

Patti Pink                                         Health and Safety                                         Slippery Rock

Robert Rhoads                                  Campus Recreation                                Slippery Rock

Steven Roberts                                 Campus Recreation                                 Mercer

Joseph Walton                                  Athletic Office                                             Slippery Rock

Daniel Wolfe                                    Facilities and Planning                              Parker

Dixie Wolfe                                      University Police                                           New Castle


15-year service pins were presented to:

Diane Carion                                    School of Physical Therapy                 West Sunbury

Robert Hesselgesser                         Facilities and Planning                    Slippery Rock

Doran Keeley                                   Facilities and Planning                         Bessemer

A. Pauline Kelly                               Facilities and Planning                         Butler     

Marion Kennedy                               Art                                                             Slippery Rock

Joyce Martin                                    Facilities and Planning                          New Castle

Mark McGarvey                               Printing Services                                      Hilliards

Donna Peters                                   Facilities and Planning                        Mercer

Calvin Rippey                                   Facilities and Planning                         Butler

Kimberley Tissue                              Admissions Office                               Slippery Rock

Evelyn Weiss                                    Student Accounts                                   Slippery Rock


10-year service pins were presented to:

Earl Collins                                       Facilities and Planning                          Butler     

Anthony Colosimo                             Facilities and Planning                        Boyers

Donald Green                                   Facilities and Planning                          Butler

Bette Hutchison                                Admissions Office                                  Harrisville           

Anthony Linnan                                Career Services                                       Clarion               

Lori Kay Ludwig                              Residence Life/Education                       Zelienople

Donald Martin                                  Facilities and Planning                            Slippery Rock

Lawrence McFeely                           Central Receiving                                    Slippery Rock

John Resek (recently retired)             Facilities and Planning                      Slippery Rock

Brian Rutter                                     Campus Recreation                                  Mercer   

Jodi Ann Solito                                  Health Services                                        Butler

Elizabeth Stevens                              Admissions Office                                  Butler


            Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.



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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report