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 Good News: Lessons learned at SRU keep graduate in shape and healthy 



 SRU Good News for Sept. 9, 2009


Lessons learned at SRU keep graduate in shape and healthy 


Matthew Jackson, a 2001 Slippery Rock University sport management graduate, learned his lessons well as a student. According to a story on, he's still practicing the exercise regime he did at SRU, even while working as a Crazy Hot Dog vendor for the Reading Phillies, a minor league baseball team in Reading.

            Jackson was profiled as part of the weekly online feature that details the lives of Reading area resident's who work at maintaining good health.

            Jackson, who when not working out or selling hot dogs, works as a graphic artist and in sales, makes his home in West Reading.

            He credits his high school and SRU for instilling the importance of working out and said he uses the Reading Phillies stadium, the FirstEnergy Stadium, to workout. "During the season we can work 110-plus hours a week during seven-game home stands, so I use the stadium as a gym." He said he makes use of a local fitness center and a local park, and he often uses homemade equipment, such as filling car tire inner tubes with sand, to aid in his workouts.

            While at SRU, Jackson said he stayed in shape as a way of leading a balanced lifestyle and to clear his mind. Now his focus in less on weight training and "more cardio and higher repetition circuit training."

            Jackson said a quote from baseball's Joe DiMaggio provided a solid foundation for his current lifestyle. The quote hangs in his workout changing room at the stadium - "There is always some kid who may be seeing me for the first or last time; I owe him my best."

            "I believe being physically fit is an important part of life for lots of reason's, but people always find excuses to not work out. I believe that if you're dedicated and make it a priority it can be done even with a busy schedule. The key for me has been to think ahead and plan effectively. I'm always competing against myself and trying to be the best I can become. No matter how much time I have to work out, I like to push it to the max."


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