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 SRU honors 35 staff for dedicated service 




May 19, 2008

Contact: K.E. Schwab  



SRU honors 35 staff for dedicated service          


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Thirty-five staff employees at Slippery Rock University were honored this week for their dedicated service, including Dorothy Thompson, a 35-year employee in the Office of Alumni Relations.

           In distributing service awards and lapel pins, SRU President Robert Smith congratulated each of the staff members as they reached five-year milestones.

           "Your dedication and service make Slippery Rock University what it is today," Smith said. He thanked the staff for their efforts in unifying the campus and for keeping up its appearance. "Your hard work is noticed by everyone who visits our campus," he said.

           In addition, Smith outlined a plethora of building projects that will begin this summer, including an 18-month renovation of Boozel Dining Hall, a two-year remodeling of Vincent Science Hall, deconstruction of two residence halls and the opening of two new halls. The campus will also see a jogging track put in place along with new sidewalks along Keister and Harmony roads. Preliminary ground work for the newly approved University Union construction project will get under way and new steam lines will be placed on the west end of campus.

           Staff receiving honors were:


35 - Year Awards

Dorothy Thompson                    Alumni Relations                                       Slippery Rock


30 - Year Awards

Dorthyann Negley                     Bailey Library                                                   Butler

Stacey Booth                            College of Health, Environment and Science       Volant

D. Jack McBurney                    Facilities and Planning Department                     Slippery Rock

Judith Callahan                          Student Accounts                                              Grove City

Linda Forrest                            Special Education Department                            Slippery Rock


25 - Year Awards

Patricia Bintrim                         Health Services                                                 New Castle

Amy McCamey                        College of Humanities, Fine and Performing Arts  Mercer

Julie Lutz                                  Admissions Office                                             New Castle


20 - Year Awards

A. Gene Newburn                     Central Receiving Department                           Boyers  

Elaine Trufley-Young                Facilities and Planning Department                     Slippery Rock

Thomas Watson                                    Facilities and Planning Department          Slippery Rock

Janet Flecker                            Health Services                                                 Prospect

Rosemary Grgurina                   Graduate Admissions                                         New Castle                   

Mary Purdy                              Bailey Library                                                   Slippery Rock

Suzanne Kildoo                         Accounts Payable                                             Volant

Melody Nail                              Accounts Payable                                             New Castle


15 - Year Awards

Kathleen Manning                     Bailey Library                                                   Slippery Rock

Edward Grossman, Jr.               Facilities and Planning Department                     Slippery Rock

Karl Fisher                                University Police                                               Grove City

Gemma Fotia                            Athletic Office                                                  Ellwood City

Dayne Irwin                              Facilities and Planning Department                     Petrolia

Gina Severino                            Facilities and Planning Department                     Renfrew

Barbara Stahlman                      Facilities and Planning Department                     Slippery Rock


10 - Year Awards

Kathy Powell                            McKeever Environmental Learning Center         Grove City        

Matthew Meredith                     Athletic Office                                                  Butler

Janice Hichberger                     University Police                                               Slippery Rock

Soon Sankey                             Facilities and Planning Department                     Slippery Rock    

Eric Dittmer                              Athletic Office                                                  Butler

William Wissinger                      Information Technology Department                   Polk

Lisa Theodorson                        Office of Career Services                                  Grove City

Roger Knight                            University Police                                               Harrisville

John Chuhra                              Facilities and Planning Department                     Lyndora

Brian Graham                           Residence Life                                                  Slippery Rock

Audrey McFadden                    Facilities and Planning Department             Butler


           In addition, Francis Henlser, software support specialist in administrative information systems and technologies, was presented a lamp marking his 45 years of service at SRU. Hensler, of Slippery Rock, was previously named at the manager's awards ceremony in March, but had been unable to attend.


Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives.



Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report