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 SRU's new online hiring system - now online 




May 4, 2009

Contact: K.E. Schwab  




SRU's new online hiring system - now online


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Those looking for employment at Slippery Rock University as managers, staff, professionals or coaches - and soon faculty - must complete their application online.

           "While we will continue to advertise employment opportunities at Slippery Rock University in the traditional places, including online, local and national newspapers, magazines and appropriate trade journals, all applications, except currently posted faculty positions, are now being done online," said Mark O'Connor, employment and classification manager in SRU's Office of Human Resources and project manager for the new system.

           Once the current list of faculty hirings is completed, faculty positions will only be filled through online applications. 

           "We had to stay with the traditional hiring system for faculty positions we had posted during the transition because some of them would not be filled until early August," O'Connor said.

           All available positions at the University are posted online at: Those visiting the Web site will be linked to the appropriate online application system. 

           SRU is using PeopleAdmin, a comprehensive software employment system to fill vacancies. The new system allows for advertising all open positions, collecting employment materials, including applications, resumes, cover letters and vitas, so the information may be shared electronically with members of the appropriate position search committee.

           The system is expected to boost efficiency and reduce the time it takes to fill a position.

"The new system is also adding consistency to our hiring process," O'Connor said.

           O'Connor said training in using the news system has been under way for several months and in some hiring areas is in full operation.

           The software program allows human resources and diversity and equal opportunity staff to grant access rights to members of each position's search committee members. Members can then review the materials and make recommendations. "The overall benefit will be that the committees will not be delayed by having to find open times that meet all member's schedules," O'Connor said. Human resources staff will also be able to track the process and quickly find solutions to delays.

           The paperless hiring process is designed to benefit everyone involved, including the applicant who can access his or her application after it is submitted online to add information or see how the process is moving.  Applicants will also receive e-mails, including notification that their application has been received as well as notice of missing or incomplete information.

           "Those who do not meet the minimum qualifications as included in the original position posting, will automatically and instantly receive notification of the deficiency," O'Connor said.





Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report