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 Good News: SRU exercise science students lend hand at 'Healthy Kids Day' 



 SRU Good News for May 4, 2010


SRU exercise science students lend hand at 'Healthy Kids Day'


Students in Slippery Rock University's "Exercise Leadership" class, taught by Susan Herman, assistant professor of exercise and rehabilitative sciences, were among 35 local agencies participating in the recent Healthy Kids Day at the Grove City YMCA. 

The event is at the heart of the YMCA's mission statement of building strong youth, strong families and strong communities, Herman said. Healthy Kids Day is designed to address and convey to the community the importance of a healthy spiritual, mental, social and physical life for youngsters. 

The various booths covered all aspects of fitness and wellness including: diet and nutrition, and first aid and safety. 

Junior- and senior-level SRU exercise science majors, supervised by Herman and Kimberly Smith, assistant professor of exercise and rehabilitative science, included work with Bosu balls, rebounding, slide and jump rope in their program.

 Participating SRU students were: Samantha Karns of Butler, Stephanie Petricig of Homer City, Ben Rittenhouse of Greenbank, W. Va., Morgan Peli and Crista Schindler, both of Apollo, Ashley Paganie of Freedom, Christine Ippolito of Liverpool, N.Y., Ali Haldi of Avon, Ohio, Courtney Goodman of Reading Lauren Medina of Orefield, Maxim Borishkevich of Stevens, Jessica Lucas of Copley, Ohio, Stephanie Martincsek of Aliquippa and Katelyn Coughlin of Sykesville, Md.

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