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 Western Pennsylvania universities, community colleges sign articulation agreement 



June 15, 2010

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Western Pennsylvania universities, community colleges

sign articulation agreement for early childhood education


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Students who earn associate degrees at any of five western Pennsylvania community colleges will soon have approval to transfer into an early childhood education program at five western Pennsylvania colleges, including Slippery Rock University.

An articulation agreement formalizing the transfer agreement plan is to be signed at 2:30 p.m. June 16 at the Community College of Allegheny County North Champs in Pittsburgh. The agreement was put together by the Western Pennsylvania Articulation for Early Childhood Education Task Force and involved representative from the five participating universities and the five community colleges.

The program will serve graduates of Butler County Community College, Community College of Beaver County, Highlands Community College, Westmoreland Community College and CCAC and will permit transfer enrollment to California State University, Clarion University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania or SRU, all members of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and Carlow University.

"This is important, and I believe, historic work," said Lee Williams, SRU professor of elementary education and early childhood development and a member of the Pennsylvania Board of Education. Following the formal signing, "Any student, in any of the five community colleges will be able to transfer to any of five universities with assurance that all the work of the associate's degree will count toward certification in early childhood education and that the student is prepared for and accepted to upper-division coursework in each university's program of study."

Williams obtained the grant that allow for the task force's work and served as chair of the committee.

The task force was convened in 2009 and supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning and PASSHE.

"Our task was to develop a trustworthy, seamless procedure for program-to-program articulation for associate's degree transfer students from community colleges and universities participating in the task force," Williams said.

"Program-to-program articulation can be difficult to understand and/or implement, but provides a mechanism whereby associate's degreed students can transfer to any of the five universities without losing credits or repeating coursework. The articulation agreement depends on broad categories of courses with a rigorous outcomes-based portfolio that will document a student's successful program completion and readiness for upper-division university work," she said.

 Other task force members included Barbara Mitchell from Penn Highlands, Beth Hoden from WCCC, Cyndi Syskowski from CCAC, Carol Sheffield from CUP, Ellen Dehouske from Carlow, Jacqueline Black from CCBC, Judy Wadding from BC3, Keith Dils from IUP, Louann Bonnett from Clarion, Mark Deitrick from CCBC, Mary Anne Hannibal from IUP, Nancy Steeley from Carlow, Roberta Schomburg from Carlow,  and Stephanie Goloway from CCAC. 


Slippery Rock University is Pennsylvania's premier public residential university. Slippery Rock University provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that intentionally combines academic instruction with enhanced educational and learning opportunities that make a positive difference in their lives. 

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report