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 Governor nominates Lee Williams to state board of education 



June 21, 2007
Contact: K.E. Schwab


Governor nominates Lee Williams to state board of education

SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -  Interest in statewide education policy has garnered A. Lee Williams, professor of elementary and early childhood education at Slippery Rock University, a nomination by Gov. Edward Rendell to serve on the Pennsylvania Board of Education.

            "I served a year as a fellow with the Education Policy and Leadership Center in Harrisburg and became very interested in how policy was set. That interest and the contacts I made at the state level resulted in my nomination. I will be pleased to serve if confirmed by the Pennsylvania Senate," Williams said.

            The senate is expected to take up the governor's 10 board nominations after state budget issues are settled.

            The Pennsylvania Board of Education is the principal administrative regulatory body for elementary/secondary and higher education in the commonwealth. As part of Act 114, Rendell and the state legislature charged the board with compiling a statewide study to determine the basic cost per-student necessary to provide all students with a quality education that allows them to meet state academic standards and assessments. 

            The EPLC, where Williams' interest in policymaking took root, is an independent, non-partisan and not-for-profit organization focused on education policy, education leadership and education advocacy. The center's information is available to policymakers, educators, community leaders and all citizens with an interest in education policy and leadership.

            "I am especially interested in school financing and the per-pupil cost. The board, the governor and the legislature will certainly be interested in how we can all improve school funding and what is the most appropriate way to accomplish it. Right now we use local property taxes. We will have to see if that is the best way, or if there are alternatives to consider," said Williams who joined the SRU faculty in 1996.

            Seventeen of the board's 21 voting members are appointed by the governor. All are subject to senate confirmation. 


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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report