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 SRU Math Professor Honored at Internatoinal Conference 



June 29, 2006

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     SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – Dr. Robert Vallin, professor of mathematics at Slippery Rock University, received the Andy Award at the 30th Summer Symposium in Real Analysis. Real analysis, a branch of advanced calculus, is Vallin’s research specialty. He has written 15 papers on the subject.

    The Andy Award, named after retired mathematician Andrew Bruckner of the University of California/Santa Barbara, honors a mathematician making a contribution to the field of real analysis. The conference, which SRU hosted in 2004, attracted more than 40 mathematicians from across the U.S., and as far away as Poland, Italy and Russia.

        Conference Director Mark McClure selected Vallin, who teaches analysis classes at SRU, for the Andy Award. The University of North Carolina/Asheville hosted the symposium this year.

           “I am very excited to receive the Andy. It shows an appreciation for all my hard work," said Vallin, who received his doctorate in classical real analysis from North Carolina State University and is known in math circles for work with porous sets and with metric preserving functions, although his current interests are in separate vs. joint continuity.

        Real analysis explores the machinery behind the functions and techniques in calculus, Vallin said. Analysts question why these things work in the way they do. This complete understanding of the calculus leads to mathematicians being able to develop methods used to study the human heartbeat, predator-prey patterns, the spread of disease, and the stock market.

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Click here to view the Economic Impact Report