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 Good News: SRU adds new system to emergency alert strategies 



September 1, 2009

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SRU adds new system to emergency alert strategies


SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. - Slippery Rock University and Metis Secure Solutions, LLC announced today they have entered into an agreement to install a state-of-the-art, location-based emergency notification system at the University.

            SRU will be the first public University to install the Metis Secure system, which was recently named the 2009 Technology Innovation of the Year by Campus Technology Magazine. The system allows authorized University personnel to send detailed instructions to alerting devices in specific locations in less than 10 seconds. Each device is also equipped with a unique two-way "Call for Help" ability by which a student can press a button to automatically send a request for help directly to the University Police.

            "The Metis Secure system is a faster, more accurate, more comprehensive solution for emergency notification than any system on the market," said Mark Kurtzrock, Metis Secure president and CEO. "We emphasize getting information to the students and others on campus when they need it most.  And, we put a 'Call for Help' within arm's reach. Our technology platform is based on independence and redundancy, ensuring that the University will have the ability to communicate emergency information under the toughest conditions." Kurtzrock said the system uses three primary, independent data paths - FM-RBDS sub-carrier, wireless mesh network and wired Ethernet to communicate. When activated, the Metis Secure devices come alive with flashing multi-colored lights, siren, recorded human voice and text display, providing an information rich warning to the campus population.

            Initially, the emergency alert units will be installed in 15 academic buildings this year.

            "We are delighted to partner with Metis Secure Solution to take the next important step in our ongoing commitment to campus safety," said Robert Smith, SRU president. "We take our efforts to notify the campus community of emergency situations very seriously. These state-of-the-art emergency alert devices will be another valuable tool in helping our students, faculty and staff to make life-saving decision during a crisis on campus."

            "The University currently utilizes a combination of strategies applied early and simultaneously to alert the campus in case of an emergency, Smith said. These include e-mail, the Web, voice-mail messages, person-to-person contacts, hard-copy bulletins and e2Campus. The e2Campus system allows the University to simultaneously send a message to thousands of relevant people via the method each recipient chose to receive it, such as a mobile phone (SMS text message), University e-mail account, RSS feed, wireless PDA, personalized web pages from Google, My Yahoo and AOL, as well the SRU homepage.

            Kurtzrock said Metis pursued working with SRU because the University has a reputation as a leader for utilizing technology to improve services. In July 2007 SRU partnered with Heartland Payment Systems to become the first university in the country to develop an ID system that incorporated the same standards-based contactless technology (ISO 14443) used worldwide by MasterCard, Visa and leading card issuers in the payment and identity sectors.


"About Metis Secure Solutions , LLC   

            "Metis Secure Solutions has developed a revolutionary new emergency warning platform for university campuses that emphasizes getting information directly to people affected by an emergency event within seconds.  Unmatched reliability, speed and ease-of-use are integral to the Metis Secure system. In addition, the system gives any student the ability to "Call for Help" by simply pressing a button.  In combination, these features make Metis Secure a superior solution with major advantages over every other emergency notification platform in the market.  Visit


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