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 SRU Continues Enrollment Growth Sixth Year in a Row: Record Now 8,105 




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     SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – With an official enrollment number of 8,105, Slippery Rock University continues its sixth, straight academic year of enrollment increases, besting last year’s enrollment by 177 students and setting an all-time record. The year also finds an all-time record in credit hours undertaken standing at 113,156.

     “Our continued enrollment rise is due to a number of important factors,” said SRU President Robert Smith, pointing to “the university’s continued efforts at increasing the quality of its programs; our added emphasis on student research; and our continuing emphasis on global as well as individual community understanding.” He adds, “Our admissions and recruitment efforts are continuing to pay substantial rewards in attracting top scholars from across the state and throughout the Mid-west.”

     Smith was also quick to point out that a dozen students had enrolled at SRU and were taking classes but were forced to withdraw when their military units were activated to help with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Two Pennsylvania students who had planned to attend college in the Gulf region chose to enroll at SRU after their schools were closed by the floods and related damage.


     “We are right near our 2 percent projected enrollment growth target,” Smith said, noting SRU is not attempting to over-extend its capabilities. “We want to strategically control our growth, making sure our facilities are in line to adequately serve our students. We want every student to receive a rock-solid education.”


     Last year’s student count was 7,928 and students enrolled for 110,524 credit hours of study. This year’s enrollment figure also reflects SRU’s increased retention efforts.


     Official figures reported to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education based on Monday’s benchmark 15th day of classes, includes 6,782 full-time undergraduates; 375 part-time undergraduates; 691 graduate students; and 257 students listed as transient, special admissions or attending for a second degree as post-baccalaureate students. The freshman class numbers 1,452.


     Hispanic student enrollment held steady this year with African-American students now numbering 334.


     SRU turned around an eight-year enrollment decline six years ago and has continued the trend through a number of specialized strategies. Additional programs, such as current construction of a $14 million Science and Technology Building, $110 million in construction in a residence hall replacement project that will offer students apartment-like living, and the addition of the Storm Harbor Equestrian Center where students will learn to help those with disabilities develop riding skills. More than $2.5 million in renovations to Paul and Carolyn Carruth Rizza Hall, upgrades in both Eisenberg Classroom Building and Spotts World Cultures Building are also factors drawing student attention.


     Smith has called on faculty to further expand their efforts of involving students in research work and in expanding their global understanding. He points out an SRU education should encompass opportunities to excel on a national and international stage.





Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report