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 SRU Enrollment at 13-Year High; New Freshmen Number 1,487 




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SRU ENROLLMENT AT 13-YEAR HIGH; New Freshman Number 1,487

           SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. – For the fourth straight year enrollment at Slippery Rock University has increased to now stand at 7,789, the highest figure since 1991.

           Last year’s fall semester enrollment as of the official 15th day of classes was 7,530.

          “A multitude of factors are part of our increase,” said Dr. Amanda Yale, interim associate provost of enrollment services, explaining “additional recruitment programs with special efforts targeting our areas of distinction, improved advertising and university branding, increased efforts in retaining upperclass students and  nationwide recognition of the increased value of a college education are all reasons for our growth.”

          While enrollment was up 3.3 percent, students are also taking increased academic loads. This year, students have signed up for a total 106,334 hours, compared with 101,790 credit hours a year ago, which represents a 4.5 percent increase.

          African-American student enrollment up 12 percent over a year ago, and Hispanic student enrollment is up nearly 31 percent from the previous year.

          Enrollment figures show there are 7,055 undergraduates and 734 graduate students at SRU. A class breakdown finds 2,199 freshmen (new and returning), 1,452 sophomores, 1,347 juniors and 1,696 seniors. The report finds 7,291 current students are from Pennsylvania, with 357 from out-of-state students, and 141 international students are attending classes.

          Ohio leads the out-of-state list with 86, followed by New York (62), New Jersey (38) and Maryland (26). The top three international counties are represented by 22 students from Nepal, 17 students from Sri Lanka and 16 students from Japan. There are five students each from the Republic of Korea, Tinidad and Tobago, and Turkey.

          The overall count shows 3,308 men and 4,481 women for the semester.

          Figures are taken from the official 15th day of classes set by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.








Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report