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 SRU Trustees  Approve $6.7-million in Dining Hall Renovations Plan 




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             SLIPPERY ROCK, Pa. -- Approval to begin plans for $6.7 million in renovations and an addition to Boozel Dining Hall, the primary dining hall for campus residents in the suite-style residence halls opened this fall on the Slippery Rock University campus, were approved today by the SRU Council of Trustees.

          The action was taken at the regularly scheduled, quarterly meeting and calls for the undertaking to be financed as a Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education capital facilities project. SRU has provided a financial plan for funding the project with student dining hall fees to cover expected costs. Phase I of the project will cover design and renovation of the 34,400-square-foot dining hall built in 1969. Building plans also consider the newly planned Student Union and Performing Arts Center anticipated for the campus. Phase II will involve the remaining campus dining facilities.

          The opening of Phase I of the new residence halls replacement project keeps approximately the same number of students dining in Boozel this year. However, as Phase II of the residence hall project is brought online, additional students will make use of the facility, thus necessitating renovations and upgrades as the facility becomes the main dining facility for all students. Building costs will be recouped over 20 years.

          In a related area, trustees moved to bring SRU into compliance with the state system board of governor’s police requiring all student unions to be self-supporting auxiliary enterprises by approval a $48-per semester increase in the University Union fee to partially fund operating expenses. The increase will take effect spring semester.

           As part of the “President’s Report to the Trustees,” Dr. Robert Smith said the university continues to achieve its ambitious goals with another enrollment record assured for this year and successful results from the performance indicators used to track the success of the university in regards to retention, graduation rates, financial performance, and academic achievement of students. Enrollment figures will be available Sept. 18 – the 15th day of classes.

          In routine matters, council approved contracts, fixed assets and service and supply purchase order reports and agreed with a prepared 2006-07 budget report setting university operations at $126.6 million, up 4.1 percent over a year ago. Council was informed a projected 2007-08 operating budget for SRU of $128 million was being forwarded to the state system as part of the process of compiling the system’s annual budget request to the governor.

     Trustees welcomed Scott McCaskey, a special education major from New Castle, as the newly appointed student member of the council. Council was also told of three faculty retirements, Dr. Bernard Freydberg, 30-year professor of philosophy, Dr. Larry Rotge, 29-year associate professor of history, and Dr. Esther Skirboll, 19-year professor of sociology, anthropology and social work. Trustees were informed professor emeritus status had been conferred on retired faculty Susan Ferrandiz, 17-year assistant professor in Bailey Library, Dr. Stephen Glinsky, 30-year professor of modern languages and cultures, Joseph Normand, 24-year assistant professor of communication, Dr. William Oman, 33-year professor of philosophy, and Jane Scott-Clearly, 25-year associate professor in Bailey Library.

    Council’s next regular quarterly session will be at 1:30 p.m., Dec. 15.




Click here to view the Economic Impact Report

Click here to view the Economic Impact Report