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SharePoint Training 

 Frequently Asked Questions 



What is SharePoint?
Microsoft SharePoint is a Web application platform developed by Microsoft.  SharePoint has historically been associated with intranet content management and document management, but has additional functionality for web content management. 

What is a CMS or a Web CMS?
A Web (C)ontent (M)anagment (S)ystem is an application that allows users to create, manage, store and deploy content on Web pages from a central interface.  It simplifies web page creation and updates to allow less technical users the ability to manage sites.  SharePoint is currently being utilized as SRU’s web management system.

What is a web browser?
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc., are all browsers.  A browser is a piece of software that allows users the ability to access websites and web applications.  There are a variety of different browsers available. 

What version of Internet Explorer do I have?
Windows computers all come with some variation of Internet Explorer (IE).  If your work station at SRU is running Windows XP, you likely have IE 7 or IE 8 installed.  If your workstation is running Windows 7, you likely have IE 9 installed. 

Why do I have to use Internet Explorer to update University sites?
SharePoint is a web application platform designed by Microsoft.  Microsoft also develops and maintains Internet Explorer (IE).  Editing pages within IE gives the user visual editing tools allowing users to edit content without having to have knowledge of HTML.  Other browsers (Firefox, Chrome etc.) do not have the ability to utilize this more simplified editing palette available via SharePoint.  While Chrome and Firefox can be used for editing, it is recommended that users utilize IE for University site updates, unless the user feels very capable with HTML. 

Why do I occasionally receive an "Unable to connect to database" error when working with SharePoint? 
This is an intermittent known error that is largely benign.  Refreshing the page in IE (F5 is most browser’s shortcut to refresh a page) should resolve this by reloading the intended page. 

Basic SharePoint training sessions dates/times will be posted here when they are available.