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Monumental Futures begin at Slippery Rock University 

 Experience the Difference at Slippery Rock University.  



Congratulations! Taking a closer look at Slippery Rock University is a rock solid decision. Are you ready to start your monumental future? Choose your applicant type from the options below to learn more about what SRU can do for you.


A Freshman Student has earned (or will have earned a high school diploma or GED equivalency) before attending a post-secondary institution as a degree-seeking student.

A Transfer Student has enrolled in post-secondary coursework as a degree-seeking student, after the summer that follows high school graduation, regardless of the number of credits attempted. 

An International Studentdoes not have US citizenship or US permanent residency/refugee/asylum status. Additionally, applicants in this category will have completed secondary school prior to enrollment at SRU, but not yet earned a US bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

A Graduate Student is a student who has completed a four year Baccalaureate degree and wishes to pursue a Master of Arts, Master of Education, or Master of Science Degree.  

An ESL (English as a Second Language) studentis a non-degree-seeking student and wants to study English language for various purposes. An ESL student does not have US citizenship or US permanent residency/refugee/asylum status. English is NOT his/her first language. Applicants for SRU ESL programs will have completed secondary school (or higher education) prior to enrollment in the program. If applicants are interested in pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate degree at SRU, they can apply for provisional acceptance.