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Welcome to the CETET’s Instructional Design website for Slippery Rock University. 

We provide faculty members with instructional support throughout the entire teaching and learning process for undergraduate, graduate, and certificate courses across all modes of delivery  - residential, hybrid, and fully online.  Our passion is working with faculty members to create learning experiences for students that are relevant and interactive, that foster academic achievement and the development of critical thinking skills that result in lifelong learning.  This is done by sharing instructional strategies and innovative resources that are grounded in learning theory and guided by the principles of instructional design.

What is Instructional Design?

Dick and Reiser (1989) define instructional design as “a systematic process for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating instruction” (p. 3).   This process often includes setting instructional goals, writing course objectives, developing assessments, choosing instructional media, implementing instruction, evaluating student learning, and revising the instruction.

Instructional Design Support and Services – what we do:

Guiding Principles:                           

  • Moving away from teacher-centered, "transmission of information" models of instruction to more learner-centered and constructivist approaches to creating meaningful learning experiences.
  • Involving others in the instructional design process is a way to avoid potential design flaws as well as leverage the ideas and experiences of others.

Instructional Design Workshops:

Course Design Consultations:

Course Acceleration Consultations:

Program for Online Instructors:

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