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Rock Solid Assessment 

 Annual Assessement Events 



9th Annual Assessment Presentations:
Planning and Implementing the
Degree Program Writing Competency
Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013
Robert M. Smith Student Center Rooms 320-322

Session Chair: Deborah Whitfield

Planning the DPWC:
12:30pm--Deborah Whitfield--Welcome
12:35pm--Junko Yamamoto--"Secondary Education: Using Portfolio to Show Writing Competency"
12:40pm--Paula Rieder & Carlis White--"How the History Department is Assessing Writing Competency"--Matrix
12:45pm--Jackie Williams--"Athletic Training: Writing Assessment Plan"--Rubric

Implementing the DPWC:
12:50pm--Gisela  Dieter--"Modern Languages: Using Capstone as Writing Across the Curriculum Assessment Tool"
12:55pm--Michael Zieg--"Geography, Geology & the Environment: Preliminary Results from a Sophomore-Level Disciplinary Writing Workshop"
1:00pm--Mike Monfore--"Special Education: Writing Assessment Implementation"
1:05pm--Committee--Drop-In Consultations with Assessment Committee Members

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make this year's event a success!


Spring Assessment Round Up
Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Common Hour, 12:30-1:30pm
Russell Wright Alumni House

Hosted by the Provost
and the Assessment Core Committee

Celebrating University Assessment of Student Learning
Discussion included the implementation of the
Degree Program Writing Competency
using TracDat to improve student learning, in program review, and
curricular or program changes – closing the loop! 

Awards were announced for two exceptional assessment plans
(based on the previous year's submission) highlighting:

1) A program that Closed the Loop: identified an outcome where the assessment data indicated a problem and devised a plan to correct it
WINNER: Physical Education ($400 award)
2) A program with a functioning assessment process that demonstrated strength in reporting to constituents
WINNER: Sport Management ($400 award)

(from left) Hannah Brewer and Ethan Hull, assistant professors of physical
education, and Robertha Abney, associate professor of sport management.
With them is Deborah Whitfield, professor of computer science and chair of
the assessment core committee. [photo: Gordon Ovenshine]

Congratulations to the winners and to the many
outstanding programs under consideration:
MUSI, DANC, CPSC-Info Sys & Info Tech

For more information on the event, contact the
Assessment Coordinator,  


Past Poster Competitions:



 1st Place - Modern Languages
 2nd Place - Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences
 3rd Place - Student Health Services

 1st Place - Student Health Services
 2nd Place - Geography, Geology and the Environment 
 3rd Place - School of Business 



 1st Place - Living and Learning Communities
 2nd Place - Nursing
 3rd Place - Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences

 1st Place - Student Health Services
 2nd Place - History
 3rd Place - Student Life



 1st Place - Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences
 2nd Place - Physics
 3rd Place - Student Health Services

 1st Place - Modern Languages
 2nd Place - Physical Therapy
 3rd Place - Geography, Geology and the Environment



 1st Place - Computer Science
 2nd Place - Biology
 3rd Place - Music


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Annual Reports of Assessment Progress: