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 Degree Program Writing Competency Process 



This web page describes the process that the University Assessment Committee will use to implement the Degree Program Writing Competency requirement put into place during the 2011-2012 AY. Writing outcomes for graduates of a program are to be determined by the faculty teaching within the program;  those same faculty should always determine whether the writing outcomes are met.

Programs may ensure that their graduates attain the outcomes for writing ability determined for their disciplines through any of the following methods:

a. The outcomes could be demonstrated through work completed in a number of courses. Faculty in a program would identify the courses and the number of courses that could ensure graduates would attain the designated writing outcomes.

b. Each program could designate course(s) either within the major or outside the major that students would need to complete in order to attain the writing outcomes for their major program.

c. The program’s faculty could be charged with incorporating writing outcomes in all courses within a program. Writing outcomes for the program would be accomplished through the practice of writing within the discipline throughout the program and demonstrated through production of a graduation portfolio during the senior year. The portfolio could be graded anew, or consist of already graded completed writing.

d. A program could use a combination of any of the above methods to ensure its graduates’ attainment of the writing outcomes designated for the program.

As faculty determine the method for their graduates to attain the writing competency, careful consideration should be given to how achievement of the writing competency will be assessed.

Beginning in the Spring of 2013, each department will provide the University Assessment Committee with materials for each of their degree programs that explain how the Degree Program meets the Writing Competency. The assessment committee will approve or disapprove the assessment plans. Approved assessment plans will then need to submit curriculum paperwork through UCC as needed.  The application for approval consists of completion of a cover/signature sheet and providing the following information on the Assessment Plan Form or as attachments:

1. The writing outcomes/objectives expected from graduates of the program

2. Method chosen to achieve the outcomes/objectives

3. Rationale for the method chosen (including accreditation standards as appropriate)

4. Curriculum guide sheet for the program

5. How the chosen method will be implemented

6. The criteria for success

7. The process by which the writing competency data will be collected and analyzed

8. The appropriate curriculum information

a. If course(s) are being used from within the department

i. Course(s) outcomes that pertain to writing competency\

ii. Course catalog description(s)

iii. Course outline(s)

iv. Sample (e.g., assignment) writing assessment (indicate if the language is not English)

v. Rubric(s) for assessing the writing outcome

b. If course(s) from outside the department are selected:

i. All of the above

ii. Letter of agreement from department offering course(s)

iii. Dean’s approval of department offering the course(s)

c. If portfolio is being used:

i. Rubric for assessing the portfolio

ii. Rationale to specify the writing outcomes targeted and
explanation of how they will be demonstrated by the student portfolio

Degree Program Writing Competency Documents:


Sample Rubrics

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English Department Information

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