Bailey Library is the intellectual center of the university. The strength of the library is a reflection of Slippery Rock University's ongoing commitment to education and research. Bailey Library is an active partner in the education mission of Slippery Rock University. We develop and support information-literate learners who can discover, access, and use information effectively for academic success, research, and lifelong learning.

Bailey Library provides access to an online catalog which provides users information about the library's collections and allows them to locate library resources. In addition, users can search library databases for articles online using the database lists within the articles/databases page or LibGuides' A-Z Database list. Users can also link to Cite It! for additional instruction on citation formats.

Recently, the library's online catalog was updated to include new discovery search capabilities. Discovery extends search capabilities to the contents of those scholarly resources, including e-journals & journals, books & e-books, videos, conference proceedings, & more. Users wishing to search just the contents of the former library catalog can go to Discovery and select the "Library Catalog" search scope (located on the right side of the search bar) to do so. The library faculty are  available to assist any faculty, students, or library users with the use of the new Discovery search tools.

E-Journal Portal

E-Journals are now searchable via the library's Catalog and Discovery Search. The Journal Search feature is currently limited to e-Journals in a manner similar to the way the old e-journal portal functioned.  

Government Documents

This library is a congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law (Title 44, United States Code). The United States Government is committed to providing information on its programs and services to the American public; one way in which it does this is through the Federal Depository Library Program. Bailey Library is one of nearly 1,400 libraries throughout the United States to be designated a depository library and receive regular shipments of select federal documents.

Bailey Library is also a selective depository for documents from the Pennsylvania State Government. This collection, which contains such items as the state budget and various agency reports and statistics, is much smaller than the federal collection. Records for this collection are also found in the library catalog.

Bailey Library patrons will find government information linked from the library's catalog or on the Government Documents and Information LibGuide.