Careers in Public Health

One of the great things about the public health field is it offers a wide range of career options. Upon completion of a degree in Public Health at SRU, you'll be prepared for a broad spectrum of career paths—in health education, promotion, policy, data management, or further graduate study in a health-related field.  

Some graduates prefer careers in health statistics where they compile data into reports and monitor trends in leading health indicators. Several graduates have worked in substance abuse and risk management programs. Others have become health coaches for insurance companies.  

Many graduates become health professionals responsible for delivering programs that target specific population groups. For example: You may work on a health promotion aimed at improving the quality of life for older adults, or a maternal / child health program for expectant mothers to reduce the risk of low birth weight.  

Recent graduates of SRU's Public Health program have gone on to work for state and local health departments, community-based wellness programs, non-profit organizations, and federal government health programs.  

A degree in Public Health also provides excellent preparation for a variety of graduate programs, including: