Harrisburg Capitol Building


The Harrisburg Internship Semester (T.H.I.S.)

T.H.I.S. might be for you!

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) sponsors a semester-long (either fall or spring) internship program for outstanding undergraduate students from the 14 PASSHE universities. Typically, students just like you work as interns with selected professionals and legislators in various state government offices.

You would participate directly in public policy formulation, analysis, and evaluation. Your work experience will include report and speech writing, research, and direct involvement with program initiation, implementation, and evaluation. Recent SRU interns have worked in the Department of Public Welfare, the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Many interns have accepted policy or research positions in state government upon graduation. Most recently, SRU environmental science major Abbey Cadden, who interned in the Department of Environmental Protection in the spring of 2015, was hired into a permanent position in the Policy Office.