Faculty and Staff


Frances Amatucci

Phone: 724.738.4310 Office: ECB 105 Email: frances.amatucci@sru.edu

Melanie Anderson

Phone: 724.738.4375 Office: ECB 313-G Email: melanie.anderson@sru.edu
Dr. Melanie Anderson teaches managerial accounting, intermediate accounting, and auditing. Dr. Anderson’s research interests include ethics, fraud, forensic accounting, cosmopolitan and local orientations, and volunteer fire company’s financial fitness. Dr. Anderson earned her PhD from the University of Nebraska, an MBA from Pennsylvania State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Business (accounting major) from Clarion University. She was an auditor, accounting systems manager, and business analyst for 15 years for Quaker State Corporation and Werner Co. prior to beginning her teaching career. Dr. Anderson previously taught business courses for 20 years at the University of Pittsburgh-Titusville.

Edward Book

Phone: 724-738-4865 Office: ECB 105 Email: edward.book@sru.edu

Thuy Bui

Phone: 724.738.2576 Office: ECB 113-F Email: thuy.bui@sru.edu

John Buttermore

Phone: 724.738.4865 Office: ECB 105 Email: john.buttermore@sru.edu

Anindya Chatterjee

Phone: 724.738.2970 Office: ECB 313-D Email: anindya.chatterjee@sru.edu
Anindya Chatterjee is a Professor of Marketing at Slippery Rock University’s School of Business. Professor Chatterjee earned his Master’s degree in Business at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India in 1979 and his Ph.D. in Marketing at Temple University, Philadelphia in 1997. His research interests are in the areas of consumer psychology and cross-cultural consumer behavior. His research has been widely published in various journals and proceedings including the Psychological Reports, Advances in Consumer Research, Perceptual & Motor Skills and the Singapore Marketing Review. His work experience in Marketing includes executive positions at British Oxygen Corporation (BOC) and the Indian Oil Corporation.

Rhonda Clark

Phone: 724.738.2480 Office: ECB 315 Email: rhonda.clark@sru.edu

Natalie Dick

Phone: 724.738.4770 Office: ECB 113-A Email: natalie.dick@sru.edu

Jeffrey Forrest

Phone: 724.738.2510 Office: ECB 208-A Email: jeffrey.forrest@sru.edu
Dr. Forrest’s research covers a wide range of areas, including economics, finance, management, marketing, mathematics, science, philosophy, etc. As of the end of 2016, he has published nearly 400 research papers and more than 40 books and special topic volumes. Dr. Forrest joined Slippery Rock University in 1988 and has lectured worldwide on various topics.

Diane Galbraith

Phone: 724.738.4918 Office: ECB 313-H Email: diane.galbraith@sru.edu
"Dr. Galbraith’s background includes almost 20 years in the business world, most recently as a Director of a Business Unit at a private, $11 billion company and Regional/Cluster Manager for AT&T Wireless. She has a B.S. in Business Administration with a major in Marketing; a M.S. in Management and HRM; and a doctorate in Administration and Leadership Studies. Research has focused on adult learning, cross-cultural studies, emotional intelligence, ethics, academic integrity, teamwork, business principles, leadership, etc. Dr. Galbraith is active in the community as a Board Member for the Valley Points YMCA, as a coach, Band Booster and committee chair, business consultant, etc., and she contributes to many university, strategic and business committees on campus."

John Golden

Phone: 724.738.4352 Office: ECB 315 Email: john.golden@sru.edu

Abel Gyan

Phone: 724-738-2137 Office: ECB 108 Email: abel.gyan@sru.edu

Frank Hulick

Phone: 724.738.2144 Office: ATS 256 Email: frank.hulick@sru.edu

Abdou Jallow

Phone: 724.738.2317 Office: ECB 120-C Email: abdou.jallow@sru.edu

Benjamas Jirasakuldech

Phone: 724.738.4370 Office: ECB 113-C Email: b.jirasakuldech@sru.edu
Dr. Jirasakuldech joined Slippery Rock University in 2008. She earned her Ph.D. in Finance from University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2002 and Master of Science in Finance from Texas Tech University in 1995. She has taught many courses in finance including Managerial Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Intermediate Corporate Finance, Investment, Finance Seminar, and International Finance. Her areas of research are speculative markets, behavioral finance, international finance, and real estate markets. Her research has been published in Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, Managerial Finance Journal, Journal of Investing, Review of Futures Markets, Applied Finance Economics, and Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. She was also awarded Chartered Financial Analyst in 2001.

Baek-Kyoo (Brian) Joo

Phone: 724-738-4351 Office: ECB 101D Email: baek.joo@sru.edu

David Jordan

Phone: 724.738.4514 Office: ECB 113-B Email: david.jordan@sru.edu
Dr. Jordan's research interests include health care benefit design, health care management and administrative processes, individual and population health behaviors and factors of health care utilization. Dr. Jordan received his PhD. from Virginia Commonwealth University/Medical College of Virginia in Health Services Research - Health Administration, an MBA from the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business University of Pittsburgh, and a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Pittsburgh. He was a Regional Vice President and served 22+ years in the insurance and Managed Care industries prior to joining Slippery Rock University.

Paul Lamping

Phone: 724.738.2411 Office: ECB 308 Email: paul.lamping@sru.edu

Stephen Larson

Phone: 724.738.4528 Office: ECB 120-B Email: stephen.larson@sru.edu

Yi Li

Phone: 724.738.4365 Office: ECB 105 Email: yi.li@sru.edu
Dr. Li’s research interests mainly lie on Behavioral and Experimental Economics, individual decision making under risk and uncertainty and Game Theory. Dr. Li received her Ph.D. degree in Economics from Georgia State University, bachelor degrees in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics as well as Economics from Renmin University of China.

Robert McCartt

Phone: 724-738-4374 Office: ECB 116 Email: robert.mccartt@sru.edu

Sunita Mondal

Phone: 724.738.2973 Office: ECB 313-A Email: sunita.mondal@sru.edu
Dr. Mondal's research interests include empirical microeconomics, the labor market impact of public policies, and economics of education. Dr. Mondal received her Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh, Masters and bachelor’s degree in Economics from Jadavpur University in India. She is currently the Vice-President, Program, of the Pennsylvania Economic Association (PEA), and has served as the local arrangements chair for the 2016 PEA conference. Dr. Mondal has been awarded grant from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. She has taught courses at the graduate level MBA program, including managerial economics, and several undergraduate courses at Slippery Rock University.

Donald Mong

Phone: 724.738.4224 Office: ECB 010-C Email: donald.mong@sru.edu
Dr. Mong teaches Legal Environment of Business, Employment Law, and Healthcare Law. His research interests follow both the substantive topics of those courses and how to teach them. Dr. Mong graduated from Haverford College, Katz Graduate School of Business, and University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Before coming to Slippery Rock, he grew entrepreneurial businesses.

Madhu Motha

Phone: 724-738-4379 Office: ECB 116 Email: madhu.motha@sru.edu

Ernest Ngirimana

Phone: 724.738.4865 Office: ECB 208 Email: nshuti.ngirimana@sru.edu

Jeananne Nicholls

Phone: 724.738.4386 Office: ECB 010-A Email: jeananne.nicholls@sru.edu
Jeananne “Nan” Nicholls, DBA, MBA, became a faculty member at Slippery Rock University’s (SRU’s) School of Business in 2011 after spending over 20 years in the private and non-profit sectors. Nan’s work included senior positions in technology-based economic development in OH, WV and PA, and she has managed as much as $40million worth research grants and projects. She has a BS degree in business from Carlow University, an MBA from Duquesne University, and in 2012 earned a doctorate in business administration from Kennesaw State University in GA. Her research interests include working with student scholars in the areas of participation in student clubs/organizations, marketing education, service learning, ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability and health care. Dr. Nicholls has be a co-adviser or adviser for SRU’s AMA student chapter since 2011 and has increased membership 200% as well as participation in regional, national, and international marketing competitions. She teaches marketing and management courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Her desire to help students succeed was recognized last year when she received SRU’s President’s Award for Academic Advising. Nan was recently named as the 2016 Distinguished Educator by her Pittsburgh AMA peers.

Jennifer Nightingale

Phone: 724.738.2971 Office: ECB 120-A Email: jennifer.nightingale@sru.edu
Jennifer Nightingale Massart, associate professor at Slippery Rock University, has taught Information Systems Management since 2000. Before entering academia, she spent 15 years in industry with a focus in management and training. Her research expertise is in instructional technology, using technology as a teaching tool, and the impact of instructional technologies on student learning. She has earned numerous teaching and research honors and awards, holds an Ed.D. (instructional technology) and two M.S. degrees (information systems management and education) from Duquesne University, and has a B.A. from the University of Pittsburg. She lives in the suburbs north of Pittsburgh with her husband, Chuck, and cat, Allie.

J. Christian Ola

Phone: 724.738.4865 Office: ECB 105 Email: james.ola@sru.edu

Bruce Orvis

Phone: 724.738.2968 Office: ECB 319 Email: bruce.orvis@sru.edu
Bruce Orvis joined the Slippery Rock University School of Business faculty in 1995. Dr. Orvis earned his PhD (Business Administration in Marketing) and his MBA from the University of Oklahoma and a BS degree in Business Education from the University of Nebraska. Between undergraduate and graduate school, Dr. Orvis spent 10+ years in restaurant management and real estate sales in Nebraska, Colorado and Alaska. Research interests include retail management and international marketing.

Theresa Phipps

Phone: 724.738.2555 Office: ECB 313-K Email: theresa.phipps@sru.edu

Rajeeb Poudel

Phone: 724.738.4353 Office: ECB 113-E Email: rajeeb.poudel@sru.edu
Dr. Poudel's research areas of interest include corporate governance, agency theory, and asset pricing among others. Dr. Poudel received his PhD. from University of North Texas, an MBA from Marshall University, and a Bachelor of Business Management from Bangalore University, India. Prior to joining Slippery Rock University he was a visiting lecturer at Texas State University.

Kenneth Saban

Phone: 724-738-4358 Office: ECB 116 Email: kenneth.saban@sru.edu

Patrick Santavicca

Phone: 724-738-4865 Office: ECB 105 Email: patrick.santavicca@sru.edu

Kurt Schimmel

Phone: 724.738.2093 Office: ECB 105 Email: kurt.schimmel@sru.edu
Kurt Schimmel DBA MBA joined Slippery Rock University’s School of Business in 2011 as a Professor of Marketing and Dean of the College of Business, Information and Social Sciences. Kurt returned to faculty status in 2014. His doctorate in business administration is from Cleveland State University and his master’s in business administration is from Duquesne University. Currently, Kurt teaches in the areas of marketing and management at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. He is also active in student organizations. He is s a co-advisor to the AMA student chapter at SRU, helps with the Alpha Kappa Psi case competition team and is an advisor to the student mixed martial arts club. An active researcher with interests in decision making and pedagogy he has published over 75 peer reviewed manuscripts.

Edward Scott

Phone: 724.738.2550 Office: ECB 313-F Email: edward.scott@sru.edu

Roger Solano

Phone: 724.738.2590 Office: ECB 313-B Email: roger.solano@sru.edu
Dr. Solano has been a faculty member at SRU since 2009. He specializes in the science of making decisions based on mathematical or numerical models and techniques. He teaches Quantitative Analysis, Business Analytics, Operations Management and Supply Chain Management. His recent research includes interests include empirical and applied research in Intelligent Transportation System, the Analysis of Ag census data, and the application of new technologies to the learning process. Dr. Solano has a PhD in Industrial Engineering from NJIT and his undergraduate degree is from La Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela). He is a big promoter of diversity, equity and inclusion. He also champions Hispanic cultural programs on campus.

Pavani Tallapally

Phone: 724.738.4917 Office: ECB 313-E Email: pavani.tallapally@sru.edu

Rick Tannery

Phone: 724.738.2579 Office: ECB 313-I Email: frederick.tannery@sru.edu
"Dr. Tannery earned a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 and has been a faculty member at Slippery Rock University since 1981. He is currently an associate professor in the School of Business and also a Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Tannery’s research interests include labor economics, the economics of education and applied economics. He has published in the Journal of Human Resources, the Industrial and Labor Relations Review among others. Dr. Tannery has been awarded grants from the Alfred E. Sloan Foundation and the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. He has also done contract work for the Employment Policies Institute and The State System of Higher Education. Dr. Tannery’s teaching responsibilities include Principles of Economics, Health Economics, Intermediate Economic Theory and Intermediate Statistics. "

Stacey Vaccaro

Phone: 724-738-4496 Office: ECB 208 Email: stacey.vaccaro@sru.edu

Jesus Valencia

Phone: 724.738.2577 Office: ECB 313-C Email: jesus.valencia@sru.edu
"Dr. Valencia’s research interests are primarily applied Economics. With specializations in Labor Economics and Econometrics. Dr. Valencia has been able to apply his skills in Statistics to collaborate with specialists in other areas of research besides Economics, among them: Library Science, Accounting, Communications, and Parks and Recreation. Dr. Valencia obtained his PhD, Masters, and baccalaureate degrees all in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh. He also served for 4 years as Chief of Planning for the Alfa Corporation, a multinational Corporation headquartered in Monterey, Mexico."

David Valentine

Phone: 724.738.2137 Office: ECB 116 Email: david.valentine@sru.edu

Theresa Wajda

Phone: 724.738.2553 Office: ECB 319 Email: theresa.wajda@sru.edu

Blair William

Phone: 724.738.4865 Office: ECB 105 Email: blair.william@sru.edu

Liang Xu

Phone: 724.738.4212 Office: ECB 308 Email: liang.xu@sru.edu

MBA Director

Eric Swift

Phone: 724.738.4879 Office: ECB 110 Email: eric.swift@sru.edu


Brenda Best

Phone: 724.738.4358 Office: ECB 105 Email: brenda.best@sru.edu

Missy Orr

Phone: 724.738.4965 Office: ECB 110 Email: michele.orr@sru.edu