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ARAB 101 Arabic Language and Culture I
ARAB 102 Arabic Language and Culture II
ARAB 103 Arabic Language and Culture III
ART 226 Overview of World Art
COMM 217 Intercultural Communication
G&ES 105 World Regional Geography
G&ES 109 Environments and Peoples of the Developing World
G&ES 242 Geography of Religion
G&ES 302 Cultural Geography
HIST 151 Ancient and Medieval World
HIST 371 History of Jews
HIST 380 Egyptology
HIST 662 The Arabs and Israel
HIST 462 The Contemporary Middle East
HIST 585 Middle East in Modern Times
MGMT 456 Management and Society
MGMT 457 International Management
MUSI 102 Introduction to World Music
PHIL 140 World Religions
POLS 354 Seminar in Religion and Politics
POLS 348 The Holocaust: Genocide and Political Violence
PROF 327 Religion and Society
PROF 310 Cultural Area Studies