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The mission of the Middle East Studies Center at SRU is to provide students with knowledge of, and information about the Middle East region including its past and current economic, social, historic, artistic, cultural and political developments to promote teaching, learning and awareness of diverse range of Middle Eastern languages, cultures, and people with the objective of promoting global cultural understanding on SRU campus.

Through offering courses, lectures, seminars, workshops, and conducting faculty and faculty-student research, the Middle East Studies Center seeks to:

  • Explore knowledge of the languages, literature, history, religions, societies, cultures, and ideas of the people of the Middle East in their historical locations and in Diasporas.
  • Provide academic resources including interdisciplinary collaboration in development and offering courses, organizing conferences and workshops, inviting speakers and other similar activities.
  • Support cultural and artistic events, organizing cultural area studies tours and other related activities.
  • Explore funding and financial support from federal and state governments and private sources.
  • Help SRU students acquire new skills in major language and cultures of Middle East and understand the region from a variety of disciplines and perspectives.
  • Server as an information resource center for the surrounding communities