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College of Business, Information and Social Sciences  

 Computer Competency 



In 2008 Slippery Rock University established a university graduation requirement in computer competency.   We believe that all graduates should possess a minimum understanding of computer technology to effectively function in an information-based society.  SRU is using the National Research Council’s report, Being Fluent with Information Technology, as its guiding instrument. 
We have created a short test to assess the computer competency of all incoming students.  The test is administered at every freshman orientation session, and is given twice at the start of each semester for incoming transfer students.  Students may take the test only one time. The topics on which students will be tested are (1) computer hardware, (2) system software, (3) application software, (4) social impact, (5) technology and the web, (6) networks, and (7) security and privacy. 
Students can demonstrate computer competency by either