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 Undergraduate Prerequisite Courses  



The undergraduate prerequisites needed to be completed before you can begin the MBA program are:

  • An undergraduate degree in Business Administration or related field  OR a basic accounting course; usually titled “Principles, Fundamentals, Financial,  or Elements of Accounting
  • An introductory micro economics course (economics of the firm as opposed to macro- economics of a nation, etc.
  •  Introductory statistics- this course does not need to be business oriented but is recommended.  Coverage needs to include descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and linear regression/analysis of variance
  • An introductory marketing course
  • Organizational Behavior, leadership, or principles of management course
  • An introductory finance course- this course is sometimes called managerial/principles of finance.
  • Legal Environment of Business/Business Law (a course primarily focused on contract law)
  • Management Information Systems- this course usually has a prerequisite of  Microsoft Office skills (Productivity Software)

These prerequisites may be taken at any accredited institution of higher learning.

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The Master of Business Administration at SRU is an accelerated program offered exclusively at the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA) in Cranberry, PA.  

Classes are taught in a hybrid format, a combination of onsite and online delivery.

You can earn your MBA in just one year!