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 Frequently Asked Questions 



If I don’t have a business degree do I need to take the prerequisite courses at SRU?
No. Prerequisite courses may be taken at any accredited institution.

If I don’t have a business degree do I have to complete the prerequisite courses before I apply for the MBA program?
You may apply before completing the prerequisites, but you must finish before you begin the MBA program.

If I take the prerequisites elsewhere, how do I find the SRU equivalents?
From the MBA Homepage, click on Course Equivalencies Admission Requirements link in the left navigation. This is a link to the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Center. Follow the instructions there. If you are still unsure, contact the MBA Graduate Coordinator.

When do I need to apply?
Applications are accepted until the Cohort begins in August or December, but will be closed when the Cohort is full.

How long does the admissions process take before a decision is made?
Once you submit a completed application, the decision is usually made in a few days.  However, if we need to contact your references and they do not respond, processing will be delayed until we receive all letters of recommendation.  It is extremely important that you contact your references and encourage them to respond to our request at their earliest convenience! You may also submit hardcopies of the letters manually.  Also, make sure we have your email address on file (if you already have a Rockmail account, we will use it), and that your mailbox  is not full. By far, the biggest delays in processing applications are receiving references and inability to contact the applicant.

When can I start?
Students are grouped into and progress as a Cohort. Cohorts begin in December and August.

Can I attend part time?
Yes, you may attend part time, but this may cause some additional delays in your progress since classes are offered in a specific sequence and may not be offered the semester you prefer.

How long does it take?
The Summer Cohort begins in August and the final course will end the following July. The Winter Cohort begins in December and will finish the following December.

What are the admissions criteria?

  • A final official transcript sent directly from the institution that conferred the applicant’s undergraduate degree as well as official transcripts from any other undergraduate or graduate coursework completed.
  • A minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA in an undergraduate major.
  • Three references.

Are graduate admissions tests required?

How are courses offered, and what is the format of a blended or hybrid course? 
Each course will meet in a traditional classroom setting with additional coursework to be completed online.

When will classes meet?
Winter and Summer Classes meet twice a week for four weeks. Regular semester classes will meet once a week for eight weeks. Refer to the MBA Program Sequence 

Where do classes meet?
Classes meet at the Regional Learning Alliance in the Cranberry Woods Business Park, Cranberry Township PA.

What is the format of the online portion?
Online classes use a Learning Management System (LMS) for student navigation through the virtual classroom. Slippery Rock uses the Desire to Learn (D2L) LMS. At the instructor’s discretion, assignments, quizzes, exams, and other content can be posted to the LMS. Assignments may also be submitted by the student using the LMS. In addition, discussion boards and other delivery methods are incorporated.

I have never taken an online course before. Will I be able to do this? 
D2L is a user friendly Learning Management System and contains a wide variety of help content and user manuals. If you are comfortable with computers, you should have no problem. With respect to the learning environment, that depends. Many students find it a refreshing alternative to the traditional classroom format while others prefer the classroom setting.

Is there a thesis requirement?
No. This is not a thesis degree program.

What is the Masters Project? 
Students will work on real business projects to solve problems, develop new strategies, or other unique issues either individually or as part of a team.

Will I meet the education requirements for obtaining a CPA license? 
State laws differ regarding the content and credits required for licensure. Combined with an undergraduate degree, our MBA meets most, if not all, states’ requirements.

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The Master of Business Administration at SRU is an accelerated program offered exclusively at the Regional Learning Alliance (RLA) in Cranberry, PA.  

Classes are taught in a hybrid format, a combination of onsite and online delivery.

You can earn your MBA in just one year!