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 Course Equivalencies 



Before you start your search, please know the following.
  • These transfer equivalencies are based on “this equals that” and do not take into consideration SRU’s flexible transfer practice. In other words, the database shows if SRU has a direct equivalency for a course, but cannot show how the course may be substituted as an admissions requirement for the MBA.
  • The database does not include all coursework from all institutions. Each time a course is presented for transfer to SRU, it is evaluated and added to the system. Thus, if you do not find your school or your course, it does not necessarily mean the school or course will not be considered.
  • Although this database provides great information, it should be used for reference only.
  • AP, CLEP, and military credit equivalencies are not listed in this database; they are evaluated through the Office of Academic Records and Summer School. Please visit their appropriate website for additional information.
  • Questions regarding this information or requests for preliminary credit evaluations should be directed to Graduate Admissions at 1.877.SRU.GRAD or 724-738-2051.
  • To search for a course equivalency, you must first type the full institutional name (abbreviations such as BC3, CCAC, etc. are not recognized). Once you’ve selected your institution, a full, alphabetical list of all previously transferred courses is generated. To narrow down your options, you can type at least a partial course number from the transferring institution (for example, if you are searching for a math course, but aren’t sure of the full course number, you can type “MAT” and all course prefixes starting with MAT from that institution will populate).

Search Course Equivalencies

Visit to create your student account and obtain comprehensive transfer information about transferring to or from participating Pennsylvania colleges and universities.
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