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 Digital Media Productions 



The Digital Media Productions major provides students the opportunity to develop the theoretical, technical and creative skills for the planning, design and deployment of a variety of media types for a variety of delivery systems.  The major emphasizes the synergy of the new media, its organization and display of information, as well as its interactive properties.  Students are provided with a core of courses that assure understanding of the heritage and theory of the communication discipline, as well as the role and responsibilities of the media in our global society. Students are also afforded the opportunity to specialize in print, electronic, video or audio media, while still developing proficiency in the wide range of media options.

Students in the major have access to three dedicated computer laboratories using both Apple and Windows operating systems and applications.  Applications used in the instruction of the media courses include:

                Adobe Photoshop
                Adobe InDesign
                Adobe Flash
                Adobe Illustrator
                Adobe Dreamweaver
                Adobe Premiere Pro
                Adobe Audition
                Apple Final Cut Pro

Our graduates excel in both technical and design skills as a result of the project intensive curriculum, coupled with conceptual exploration of the foundations of multimedia communication design.  To develop independent work skills, students progress through a variety of individualized projects, while management and teamwork skills evolve from participating in numerous group projects, and working for actual external clients.

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Vince Bianco
Vince Bianco - Featured Student

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