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 Careers in Criminology and Criminal Justice 




ACJS link
Link to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, one of the two major professional organizations in the field.

Corrections careers
The regional organization of the ACJS.
American Society of Criminology
The other major field organization for criminology/criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Degree Schools - CJ Careers A free resource for those looking to enter or advance in the criminal justice field.  This site contains information for 85+ criminal justice careers as well as a proprietary criminal justice hiring outlook for 50 states.

Criminal Justice Careers

Criminal Justice Education    
A comprehensive directory of criminal justice programs

Police Employment
Police Employment: Jobs4Police
Graduate Schools- criminology
Federal Government job information
Includes Armed Services; does not include Post Office
LE jobs
US Dept of Labor- Police and Detectives
The US Dept of Labor's report on employment opportunities for police and detectives.
FBI employment
FBI employment site- details about recruitment
US Customs and Border Patrol
US Customs and Border Patrol agents are part of the Dept of Homeland Security and work to secure our nation's points of entry.
US Secret Service
They do much more than protect the President. They were recently moved from the Treasury Dept to Dept of Homeland Security.
Homeland Security
Pennsylvania Civil Service Job Bank
Pennsylvania State Police
Maryland State Police
Ohio State Patrol
Philadelphia Police Dept
Pittsburgh Police Dept
West Virginia State Police
NY State Police
New Jersey State Police
Federal Bureau of Prisons
PA Probation and Parole
Military Police Investigations
Describes duties for US Army MPI soldiers.
Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Criminal Investigator and Intelligence Agents in the US Air Force.
US Coast Guard
The US Coast Guard is part of the Dept. of Homeland Security and has important law enforcement and national security missions.
US Army Criminal Investigations
US Army CID investigates felonies for the Army in war and in peace.
Washington DC Metro Police Dept
NYC Police Dept
Pennsylvania Dept of Corrections
A private agency that does background checks and security clearances. Check the "Careers" link. They have a Grove City office.
George Junior Republic
A private, non-profit Grove City agency serving almost 600 delinquent or dependent youth.

ACT 120- Pennsylvania MPOETC
Information on PA police training program (Act 120).


The Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Justice Educators (PACJE)

Annual Meeting March 20-21, 2015

Conference Site: SRU's Robert M. Smith Student Center

Email Dr. Ridener or visit for more details.

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Maggie Manocchio

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