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 Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice 



Outcome Assessment

There are four major goals, or outcomes for the Criminology and Criminal Justice Major. Every Crim/CJ student should be acquainted with these outcomes. You will see them in your class syllabi, on our bulletin boards, the criminology office areas, and the major Desire2Learn web site. All of your coursework is designed to add to your knowledge base as reflected by these outcomes. You should know about these outcomes. Please take some time to study them.

Criminology Program Outcomes:

  • To gain proficiency in the field of crime, justice, and criminology.
  • To understand the role of diversity and human experience in the application and study of criminal justice.
  • To develop skills in critical thinking, synthesis and analysis of informational sources about criminal law, policing, corrections, research, and social justice.
  • To gain knowledge of the role of ethics, morals and values in the field of criminal justice

   In addition, we will assess how well students are learning these outcomes in a variety of ways. These goals were crafted in accordance with the standards set forth by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, the University, and the State System of Higher Education. Assessment methods will consist of a Capstone class, a major field test, and other methods to determine how well we are doing in our mission of educating students about the field.

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