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 Suggestions for Identifying Internship Sites  



One of your most important—and perhaps daunting—responsibilities is to identify and secure an internship position.  Here’s how to start:

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What are my career goals (i.e., to work in corrections or for the FBI)?  Aim high!!
  • What are my strongest skills? 
  • What geographic area can I consider?  Do I have any housing options in other parts of the state or country?
  • If I could have any internship at all (my “dream” internship), what would it be?

Things to prepare:

  • Cover letter (e-mail format) with NO errors.
  • Resume in PDF format with NO errors.
  • Samples of work in e-mail-attachable format (use PDF file format for graphic or design files) with NO errors (preferred: one PDF file with all work samples).
  • YOU, through appropriate course work, skill development, and co-curricular experiences.  Plan ahead.

Places to look for internship site possibilities:

  • List of Criminal Justice Agencies (Internship Sites 1 & Internshp Sites 2)
  • Lists of job openings on the internship bulletin board or on the D2L internship site.
  • List of SRU-wide active/approved internship sites, available from Dr. Ridener.
  • Career Education & Development website search engine (College Central).
  • Suggestions from your adviser or individual faculty members.
  • Contacts you have via conferences, organizations, family or friends.
  • Online searches of businesses and organizations in your field and in the appropriate geographic area.
  • USA Jobs

Things to think about:

  • Aim high!  If you want an internship at the White House or the FBI, do your best to prepare for and secure one. 
  • Start early.  Competition for the best internships may be keen.  The earlier you start, the better your chances. For spring internships begin applying in August and for summer internships, start applying in January. 
  • Talk with your adviser.  He or she has professional experience and can offer suggestions about when and where to take your internship.
  • Make a list of internship leads and rank them in the order of your preference.  Do not apply for any internship you would not accept.
  • Apply for several internships.  Even though you may have one strong preference, applying for only one is a great way to be stuck with none.
  • Most internships in the C&CJ field are NOT paid.  Do not expect to find an internship that is paid.
  • Be flexible.  An internship experience may allow you to discover new abilities and interests. 

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Jeff Brady
Jeff Brady

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