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 Internship Instructions  



In order to get an internship approved by the Department of C&CJ, the following steps are required:

1.     Attend a C&CJ Department internship orientation session. Students are encouraged to attend an orientation session prior to the expected internship. Sessions will be scheduled during both the Fall and Spring Semesters. If you are unable to attend these meetings, you are more than welcome to email or meet individually with the Internship Coordinator.

2.     Confirm that you meet the minimum requirements to participate in the internship program.

a.     Course Requirements:

                                        i.    Undergraduate Students (CRIM450-01/02): You must be a C&CJ major of junior or senior standing with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in the major who has completed CRIM205, CRIM273 and at least 6 additional credit hours of core C&CJ classes.

                                       ii.    Graduate Students (CRIM750-01): You must be a C&CJ master’s student in current good academic standing. You should have successfully completed at least 12 credits of graduate level work and either successfully completed the criminal justice comprehensive exam or be prepared to take it within the following academic semester (as approved by the graduate coordinator).

b.    You must have also conducted yourself in a manner that adheres to the Department’s Professional Performance Expectation Policy (PPE).

c.     You must be able to pass a Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) criminal background check and a Child Abuse Registry clearance check.

                                        i.    Many agencies do not accept interns who have been convicted of criminal offenses; therefore, students with criminal records should discuss this with Dr. Ridener prior to applying for an internship position. In addition, many criminal justice agencies require background investigations, which entail considerable pre-planning.

                                       ii.    Act 33 (child abuse) and Act 34 (criminal record) can be initiated on-line.

3.     Search and interview for internships. You must start early if you expect to get a good internship. Do NOT wait until November (for a spring internship) or April (for a summer internship). Interviews should be completed by this time. More information about identifying and securing an internship is below.

4.     Professional Liability Insurance. Some agencies require that interns carry professional liability insurance. While Slippery Rock University does not carry professional liability insurance for its students, students can purchase this insurance on their own (some students may obtain a rider from their parents’ insurance company that will cover professional liability). Complete the following steps to purchase this insurance:

a.     First, join the APA. Undergraduate Student Affiliate is $27.00 and Graduate Student Affiliate is $52.00.

b.    Second, go to the liability website and pay $35.00 for the liability insurance that covers you for $1,000,000 per incident and $3,000,000 in the aggregate.

5.     Submit the Internship Approval Form (Undergrad & Graduate). Once you have accepted an internship and determined a preliminary work schedule, this form must be submitted to Dr. Ridener with your advisor's signature and an attached job description/list of responsibilities provided by your internship site. You will also submit your PSP and Child Abuse Registry background checks with this form. You will also provide one letter of reference from an individual outside of the C&CJ Department. At this time, the C&CJ internship coordinator will make a determination regarding your eligibility to take part in the internship program. This decision will be based on requirements stated above (see #2) and your letter of recommendation. Dr. Ridener will contact you, via email, regarding the decision.

6.     Wait while the department confirms or acquires an Internship Site Agreement from the internship site. Once the internship coordinator has approved your application, the process of acquiring a Site Agreement will begin. If your internship site is already on our list of approved sites, lucky you: you will not have to wait. But if it is not, the Department will send paperwork to the site. The Dean's Office needs two signed originals for the agreement to be active. Note: You do not need to take or send the Site Agreement form to your internship site unless you are instructed to do so but doing so may speed up the process.

7.     Complete the Dean's Office internship application online. Once your internship has been approved and the internship organization has a site agreement on file with the University, Dr. Ridener will send you information for your online registration form. You must enter all information exactly or your application will be rejected. Please read that sentence twice. A delay in registration due to faulty data entry could jeopardize your internship.

8.     Confirm registration for CRIM 450/750. You will receive two separate notifications which tell you a) your online application has been accepted and b) you have been registered for your internship by the Dean’s Office. Expect a delay during this process. Undergrads are registered for CRIM 450-01/02 and grad students are registered for CRIM 750. Note, internships are billed as a course (6 credit hour = 2 courses; 9 credit hour = 3 courses).

9.     During and after your internship:

a.     During your first week, send Dr. Ridener an e-mail with an up-to-date work schedule.

b.    Write down all due dates for internship assignments.

c.     Compile a daily journal (see syllabus for journal instructions).

d.     Keep track of the exact hours you worked each day on the timesheet.

e.     Submit Supervisor’s Midterm Evaluation and midterm journal on time.

f.     Submit Supervisor’s Final Evaluation, your final journal and your final paper on time.


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