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 Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice 



Kerry Edwards, PhD.

Assistant Professor

SPRING 2014 OFFICE HOURS:M & W 11:00 - 1:00; F 11:00 - 12:00

Prior to coming to Slippery Rock University, Dr. Edwards was an adjunct faculty member at the University of New Mexico. Her teaching experience includes courses in Criminology, Criminal Justice, and the Sociology of Work & Organizations. She was also a consultant in Organizational Development, Organizational Culture, and Equal Employment Opportunity in the Workplace.

Dr. Edwards has varied experience in the criminal justice field. She has worked on interagency taskforces in program implementation and program evaluation concerning law enforcement, courts, and correctional issues. Her work and research has addressed local/state/federal crime reduction initiatives, therapeutic jurisprudence, and reentry. She has also mentored parolees via a restorative justice reentry program. Other employment includes paralegal, juvenile probation/parole officer, and federal investigator of the workplace.


Ph.D. Sociology, University of New Mexico - Areas of specialty: Criminology/Criminal Justice and the Sociology of Work & Organizations.
M.A. Sociology, University of New Mexico;
B.A. Criminal Justice, University of New Mexico

Courses Taught

  • American Policing (CRIM 253)
  • Criminal Procedure (CRIM 263)
  • White Collar Crime (CRIM 405)

Research Interests

  • Reentry
  • Restorative Justice
  • Therapeutic Jurisprudence
  • Criminal Justice Interventions
  • Intersection of Work and Crime
  • Intersection of Organizational Theory and the Criminal Justice System

Selected Publications

Edwards, K. L. (2014). Prison work: Transforming identity and reducing recidivism. In M. S. Crow and J. O. Smykla (Eds.), Offender reentry: Rethinking criminology and criminal justice (pp. 51-74). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning. 

Steele, P. D., Broidy, L.M., Daday, J., Damon, N., Denman, K., Edwards, K., Olson, C., Schellhamer, T., Ortiz, L., Salazar, V., & Khayoumi, S. (2005). The strategic approaches to community safety initiative in Albuquerque: Project activities and research results. Report to the National Institute of Justice (Document 220486). Washington, D.C.

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