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 Professional Studies Major 



The Professional Studies major is an outcomes based degree completion program. This means there are no prescribed courses. Rather, in consultation with an advisor, professional studies majors select courses that demonstrate competency in the following four areas: Oral and Written Communications, Interpersonal Skills and Civic Responsibility, Professional Skills/Personal Development, and Quantitative, Analytical, and Critical Thinking Skills.

The flexibility of the major affords students the opportunity to gain a quality education with the ability to focus on skills they will need in their chosen profession. As such, the professional studies major has wide appeal to a variety of careers. It is most applicable to those currently employed and desiring to further their career, technical school graduates, international students seeking to complete an American baccalaureate degree, and those wishing to enter Officer Candidate School. It is not intended for the traditional undergraduate student where a specialized degree is more appropriate, but many students find it valuable as a second major.


The Professional Studies Department uniquely supports the University and community through innovative courses and programs, scholarly growth, and service contributions.


The Department of Professional Studies will lead in delivering innovative student-oriented programs, establishing emerging disciplines, and re-creating of the sociology major by 2010.

Professional Studies Major Information:

Major Requirements and Course Descriptions (SRU Catalog link)

Curriculum Guide