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CHES orientation slideshow

 CHES Orientation Presentation

This is the slide presentation given during new student Orientation.  This has information about the transition to college as well as some academic advice. You can view this entire presentation.  You can also click on the links below to find answers to specific academic questions.

Questions and Answers

(click on question as well for more information)

Answer or link to answer

What is expected of the faculty at SRU?


Click on the question to find the answer

What to do if there is a death in the family, you experience an illness or injury that results in an extended absence?


Absence policy

Withdraw from the University



What if I am not doing well in a class?


Withdraw from a course



Where do I go if I need help managing the pressures and pace of college?

Counseling Center
Extension 2034

Tutorial Center
Extension 4410

Office for Students with Disabilities
Extension 4877

How do I figure out my QPA?

Click here to find the answer
Then click on each slide for all the calculations

What if I am having trouble with advising/advisor?



Advising information


Can I take classes at other universities to check up, get ahead or repair a grade?

Yes, you have several options.  If you want the credits to transfer, but not the grade - click on transient student.
If you want the grade to transfer, you must take the course at a specified school (another State System of Higher Education University of PA) - click on visiting student for more information.
If you have a D or F in the course here and take it elsewhere, the D or F is NOT REPLACED.  You cannot take a course that you already had at SRU at another institution to repair a grade.

Transient student

Visiting student



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