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Biology Department

Chairperson: Dr. Jerry Chmielewski
Secretary: Ms. Deborah Andrews
Phone: 724-738-2023

Majors in:
B.A. in Biology
B.S. in Biology
B.S. in Biology-Cytotechnology
B.S. in Biology-Histotechnology
B.S. in Biology-Medical Technology
Minor in Biology
Minor in Marine Science
Chiropractic - Logan
Dental - LECOM
Osteophathic Medicine - LECOM
Pharmacy - LECOM
Chiropractic - Palmer
Dental - WVU
Physical Therapy 3+3-Biology
Pre-Physician Assistant - Chatham
Teacher Certification in Biology

Chemistry Department

Chairperson: Dr. Susan Zirpoli
Secretary: Ms. Cheryl Dolan
Phone: 724-738-2031

Majors in:
B.A. in Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry
B.S. in Chemistry-Biochemistry
B.S. in Chemistry-Environmental
B.S. in Chemistry-Forensic
Minor in Chemistry
Pharmacy - LECOM
Teacher Certification in Chemistry

Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences Department

Chairperson: Dr. Patricia Pierce
Secretary: Ms. Deborah Glenn
Phone: 724-738-4864

Majors in:
B.S. in Athletic Training
B.S. in Exercise Science
Physical Therapy 3+3-Exer. Sci.
Pre-Physician Assistant - Chatham

Geography, Geology, and The Environment Department

Chairperson: Dr. Michael Zieg
Secretary: Ms. Cynthia Schnur
Phone: 724-738-2048

Majors in:
B.A. in Environmental Geosciences
B.S. in Env. Geosci.-Env. Sci.
B.S. in Env. Geosci.-Geology
B.S. in Geography-Env. & Society
B.S. in Geography-Env. Studies
B.S. in Geog.-Applied Geog. Tech.
Minor in Environmental Science
Minor in Geog. Information Tech.
Minor in Geography
Minor in Geology
Minor in Meteorology
Teacher Certification in Earth and Space Science

Mathematics Department

Chairperson: Dr. Richard Marchand
Secretary: Ms. Debra Dickey
Phone: 724-738-2061

Majors in:
B.A. in Mathematics
B.S. in Mathematics
Minor in Elementary School Math
Minor in Middle School Math

Minor in Mathematics
Minor in Math-Actuarial Studies
Minor in Statistics
Teacher Certification in Math

Nursing Department

Chairperson: Dr. Mary Ann Thurkettle
Secretary: Ms. Heather Bennett
Phone: 724-738-2065
Majors in:
B.S. in Nursing
Certification in School Nursing

Parks and Recreation Department

Chairperson: Dr. Daniel Dziubek
Secretary: Ms. Anita Culley
Phone: 724-738-2068

Majors in:
B.S. in Parks & Recreation - Park Res Management
B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation
Minor in Therapeutic Recreation
Physical Therapy 3+3-Therapeutic Recreation
M.S. in Park & Resource Mgt.
M.Ed. in Env. Educ.

School of Physical Therapy

Chairperson: Dr. Carol Martin-Elkins
Secretary: Ms. Susan Elwell
Phone: 724-738-2080

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Physics and Pre-Engineering Department

Chairperson: Dr. Athula Herat
Secretary: Ms. Cheryl Dolan
Phone: 724-738-2074

Majors in:
B.A. in Physics
B.S. in Physics
Minor in Physics
Teacher Certification in Physics

Psychology Department

Chairperson: Dr. Jennifer Sanftner
Secretary: Ms. Arlene Widenhofer
Phone: 724-738-2077
Majors in:
B.A. in Psychology
B.S. in Psychology
Minor in Psychology

Public Health and Social Work Department

Chairperson: Dr. Michael Cleary
Secretary: Ms. Betsy Strawbridge
Phone: 724-738-4370

Majors in:
B.S. in Health Sci.-Public Health
B.S. in Social Work
Minor in Public Health
Physical Therapy 3+3-Health Science (Public Health)
Pre-Physician Assistant - Chatham (Public Health)


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