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 Message from Assistant to the Dean 



The Assistant to the Dean of the College of Health, Environment and Science handles student related issues, especially academic difficulties. Students are ultimately responsible for meeting degree requirements. Remember your college years will be some of the most memorable years of your life. Make the best of them! Here are some tips and links to help you be successful.

Dr. Wendy Stuhldreher, RD, LDN, Assistant to the Dean

Absence Policy

Should you become ill or have a family emergency, follow the academic absence policy as outlined in the catalog.


Schedule an appointment with your advisor early within the semester and get to know your advisor. Your advisor will be open and receptive to providing the guidance necessary for your success at Slippery Rock University.


Should you need to add/drop a course, discuss it with your advisor prior to completing the add/drop process. You may learn that the add/drop process may affect your grade point average, credits earned, financial aid status and courses required for graduation.

Course Withdrawal

Withdrawal from a course may be necessary for a variety of reasons. If course withdrawal is essential, discuss the withdrawal with your professor. Think carefully prior to withdrawing from a course.


Meet with your advisor to discuss your course selection prior to the registration period. Registration can be a hectic process if you have not taken the time to plan your course schedule. Faculty prefer to see students who have given some thought to the registration process prior to your appointment. Do not be alarmed if you are unable to obtain all courses you expect to take in a given semester. All efforts will be made to ensure the completion of graduation requirements.

Student Life

Involvement in campus activities can provide a nice balance with your academic life. Socialization is a necessary component of all daily activities. However, should campus activities overshadow your academic coursework, you must re-evaluate your priorities. Your number one priority needs to be attending classes, participating actively in course requirements and maximizing your potential throughout all classes. The link above lists some opportunities to become involved in campus activties.

Supportive Services

There are a variety of services available on campus for students to assist with adjusting to the demands of university life. Services are available to enable you to be successful in your classes as well as personally. If you are experiencing stressors, which may interfere with your productivity within the university, contact Counseling Center. Highly trained professionals are available to give you that special attention you may require. If you need help with study habits, time management or tutoring, contact the Tutoring Center. If you have a learning or other disability, contacting the Office for Students with Disabilities can assist you in getting the help you need.

Test Preparation

Many individuals may feel that cramming for an exam is the best way to master material. However, there is no substitute for preparing in advance of an examination. Review your notes, reading materials, and exercises well in advance of your exam.  If you are unsure of material, meet with the professor to ask any questions prior to the examination. Applying this strategy will also alleviate unnecessary test anxiety. Relax and do your best.

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