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 Prospective Students and Parents 



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Below is information for Career Path and Prospects, Advice for Prospective Students and Advice for Parents of Prospective Students.

 Career Paths and Prospects

The College of Health, Environment and Science offers programs in the hard sciences and health or health related fields. Majoring in the disciplines of biology and chemistry will prepare students for further study in clinical specialties such as pharmacology, medicine, physical and occupational therapy or in industry. We offer a forensic chemistry program, cytotechnology and medical technology program.

A degree in psychology is a good background to work in the mental health counseling setting, criminology or research setting. Students who are interested in careers within an outdoor setting might be interested in Geography, Geology and the Environment Program or Parks and Recreation. If you are interested in health fields, majors like Exercise Science, Athletic Training and Public Health are good choices.

Students interested in teaching might major in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics after which they can earn their teaching credentials. 

The nursing program makes it possible for RNs to obtain a BSN at the same time they are managing busy work and home schedules using web-based distance education.  All nursing and support courses in the nursing program are offered entirely by web-based distance education.  Other programs include a school nurse certification. 

The School of Physical Therapy (PT) was established in 1987 and was one of the first four national programs to offer a Doctorate in Physical Therapy as of 1998.  Our college now offers a 3 + 3 program whereby qualified students can select an undergraduate major in biology, exercise science, publich health or therapeutic recreation and include the PT prerequisites during those first 3 years of college.  Provided these students meet the PT requirements with an appropriate grade point average, they can apply for early admission for the PT program.  If admitted, their first year of PT school counts as their senior year of undergraduate and they are awarded a bachelors degree.  This allows students to complete their total undergraduate and graduate education in 6 instead of 7 years. 

Students in the College of Health, Environment and Science can select from a variety of majors within the college (click Majors and Minors to see the page with degree programs).  In general students must complete 120 credits to graduate and maintain at least an overall 2.00 grade point average (4.00 scale) for all coursework taken at the University.  Many of our undergraduate programs (majors and/or minors) require more than a 2.00 for admission and retention in the program.  See the individual departments for additional requirements.

Advice for prospective students

If you are interested in majoring in a health or science field within our college, the best advice would be to take as many advanced science and mathematics courses in high school as your schedule permits.   Completing a broad spectrum of courses in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics should prepare you well for college courses.  Take advantage of the advanced courses whether you intend to take the Advanced Placement (AP) test or not as this prepares you for the types of study habits you need to succeed in the health and science fields. 

Other general advice would be to participate in extracurricular activities that enrich your science and health background.  For example, join science clubs, partake of summer experiences in science and health, shadow professionals in the field you think you might want as a major, participate in mathematic and science competitions and come visit us!

Advice for parents of prospective students

Encourage your daughter or son to explore the quality programs offered here at Slippery Rock University.  Encourage them to take science and mathematics courses in high school to prepare them for the college experience.   Slippery Rock University offers a quality education at an affordable price!   Come to visit us during the Saturday Showcase.

Please see department websites for more details.

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