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 Research Grants 



Message from the Dean

The College of Health, Environment and Science has a strong commitment to supporting student-faculty and faculty research endeavors, priority is given to those proposals including students in the research process.  In the past three years we have funded 13 proposals and we hope to continue expanding available resources as research interest grows

Goals of the Research Committee

In 2001, the CHES identified the need to establish a research committee.  The purposes of this committee are:

  • To foster opportunities for new research projects.
  • To provide support for faculty/student or faculty research projects.
  • To promote interdisciplinary collaborative research.

  Past Recipients

Funding Year: 2013-2014

P.I. (Dept) Proposal Title Amount
Kelly Lindenberg (PT) The influence of heel height on muscle recruitment and knee kinematics during landing tasks in recreationally active and athleitc collegiate females $8,940

Jennifer Willford

fMRI brain image analysis using Partial Least Squares Regression $9,686

Funding Year: 2012-2013

P.I. (Dept) Proposal Title Amount

Jiyoung Jung 

Highly Fluorescent Organic Compounds: Regulation of Light-Emitting Properties through Solvent Effect and Metal Binding $9,981
Catherine Massey (PSYCH) Sexual Identity, Mutuality, and Health Behaviors $9,075
Susan Rehorek (BIOL) CAVE: Comparative Atlas of Vertebrate Embryology: a pilot project $6,975

Contact Us

Co-Chairs of CHES Grant Committee:

Name (Dept) Email Phone
Stacy Hrizo (Biol) (724)738-4561
Brock Jensen (ERS)


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