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The office of Undergraduate Research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) was created in the Fall of 2012 as an outcome of a PASSHE grant from the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). PASSHE submitted a proposal to CUR in July of 2011 entitled "Institutionalizing Undergraduate Research to Enhance Student Success in STEM Through a System-Wide & Campus-Centered Project".

During the Fall of 2011, a SRU committee was created for overseeing this project under the leadership of Dr. Susan Hannam (Dean of the College of Health Environment and Science). The committee consists of:

  • Team leader: Dr. Susan Hannam
  • Coordinator: Dr. Deborah Whitfield
  • Member: Ms. Nancy Cruikshank
  • Member: Dr. Jack Livingston
  • Member: Dr. Donald Zapien