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Students Participating at NCUR 2014
University of Kentucky, Lexington
April 3 - 5th, 2014
  • Nick Botzer (Computer Science) and Zachary Petrusch (Computer Science)
    Navigating the Web with Graph Theoretic Structures
  • Gregory Gray (Geography, Geology, and Environment) and Ellis Neilly (Geography, Geology, and Environment)
  • Kayla Horam (Computer Science)
    Computer Competency Level of Incoming College Students
  • Christie Miller (Geography, Geology, and Environment)
    Conodont Coloration and Vitrinite Reflection to Determine Thermal Maturation of the Pine Creek and Ames Limestones of Western Pennsylvania
  • Alessandra Mitchell (Mathemtics) Parameter Optimization for Pre-processing in FMRI Brain Image Analysis