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 Department of Biology - Course Information 



Undergraduate Courses

The Department of Biology offers a wide variety of courses intended to provide students majoring in Biology with a broad background in the biological sciences, and to give students in other majors an opportunity to extend their liberal studies education in the sciences. The course numbering system corresponds to the rigor associated with the course: courses numbered at the 100 and 200 levels are designed mainly for Freshmen and Sophomores from a wide range of majors, whereas the 300/400-level courses are taken mainly by Juniors and Seniors with a strong background in Biology.

As you look through the courses offered by the Department, you may find the following key useful if you have specific interests oriented toward animals, plants, microbiology/molecular biology, or are planning to pursue a career in any of the various medical fields:


 Course supports an animal-oriented career goal

     Course supports a plant-oriented career goal

     Course supports a microbiology/molecular biology career goal

    Course supports a medical profession career goal