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 Computational Biology (BioInformatics) - Biology Option  



Advances in genetics and molecular biology, and the impetus of the genome project, has generated a need for using computational sciences to understand biochemical processes. The proposed concentration is to prepare students in the interdisciplinary area of BioInformatics consisting of coursework from biology, computer science, chemistry and mathematics. The concentration in BioInformatics will allow students to either obtain jobs or pursue graduate school in the areas of bioinformatics, cellular and systems biology, genomics and proteomics, molecular structural biology, biochemistry, drug discovery, drug design, protein structure, gene finding and genome assembly to name a few.


Bioinformatics Curriculum

Principles of Biology (Biol 104)

Genetics (Biol 250)

Biometry (Biol 325)

Cell Biology (Biol 335)

Molecular Biology (Biol 370)

General Chemistry I/Lab (Chem 107/111)

General Chemistry II/Lab (Chem 108/112)

Organic Chemistry 1/Lab (Chem 201/211)

Organic Chemistry II/Lab (Chem 202/212)

Biochemistry I (Chem 335)

Introduction to Computing (CpSc 140)

Advanced Programming Principles (CpSc 150)

Algorithms & Data Structures (CpSc 374)

Machine Learning & BioInformatics (CpSc 498)

Calculus I (Math 225)

Calculus II (Math 230)