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 Dr. Dean M. DeNicola 



I am a community ecologist whose general area of research concerns the ecology of benthic algae and invertebrates in streams and lakes.  Since 1995, most of my research has been examining the long-term recovery of streams in the Slippery Rock Creek watershed following passive treatment of acid mine drainage.  Other recent research has focused on the effects of mine drainage on stream productivity, and the use of benthic algae as indicators of eutrophication in Irish lakes.  Over 30 undergraduate students have done research in my lab on these projects.  Ultimately, my long-term goal is to construct a model that can predict the development of benthic algal communities in streams for a variety of conditions.


 PhD Botany  Oregon State University
 MS Botany  University of Maine
 BA Zoology  University of Vermont


·  Biology 100: Introductory Biology Laboratory
·  Biology 101: General Biology
·  Biology 105: Environmental Biology
·  Biology 305: Aquatic Plants
·  Biology 306: Freshwater Biomonitoring
·  Biology 401: Ecology
·  Environmental Science 450: Environmental Science Internship
·  Biology 490: Special Problems in Biology

Research Interests

Succession, distribution, and structure of attached freshwater algal communities; herbivory in freshwater ecosystems; autecology and physiology of diatoms; ecology of stream communities at spatial and temporal scales; multivariate analysis of community structure; paleolimnology; aquatic entomology. Recovery of stream ecosystems following treatment for acid mine drainage.


(724) 738-2484

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