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The 2011 Beta Beta Biology Fall Picnic

It was deja vu for the annual Tri-Beta/Biology Department Picnic.  Just like last year, a succession of warm sunny days was followed by a cold rainy one: unfortunately, the day we had selected for the Biology Department picnic.  But once again, the rain stopped and the sun peaked out in time to grill the hot dogs and play some volleyball.  Over 100 students and biology faculty members met at the Ski Lodge for the annual Beta Beta Beta and Department of Biology Fall Picnic.  There was a great turnout of new freshman biology majors, upperclassmen and faculty!

There was more than enough pizza and bread sticks, hot dogs, cookies, smores, drinks, and more for everyone.  The volleyball action was spirited and everyone enjoyed a break from their studies to spend time with their biology friends and professors!






The Biology Picnic is a fall tradition that takes place in mid-September and is cosponsored by the Department and Tri-Beta.  It is a great opportunity for students and faculty to interact outside of class, and for the new freshman to meet upperclass biology majors and the faculty!   

At this year's picnic, Dr. Sigmund introduced the faculty to the freshman and 2011 Tri-Beta President Alexandra Capalbo invited our new freshman majors to join Tri-Beta