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 Logan T. Miller earned a grant for "Student Research, Scholarly, Creative, Entrepreneurial and Civic Projects RFP" 



Student Project Director: Logan T. Miller

Collaborating Faculty: Dr. Paul Birckbichler

Project Period: Oct. 4, 2010 - Aug.  1, 2011

Title of Project: Transglutaminase Expression and Differentiation in myelogenous leukemia cells: A Combinational Analysis of Sodium Butyrate, Heteroarotinoids, and cAMP on K562 cells.

Abstract of Project: Leukemia cells, K562 will be experimented upon using various chemical treatments. The treatments will analyze the cells for their differentiation or how the cells develop into specialized applications and also the expression of protein in the cells. The protein is significant because it is a marker for programmed cell death, or when a cell dies, in this case a cancerous cells. This research is useful because research involving cell death can lead to new non-toxic treatments for cancer patients.

Funded Amount: $499

Funding from Grants for Student Scholarly, Creative, Entrepreneurial, Civic or Research Projects Program