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 Featured Student:  Noah Jordan 



What’s your intended career path?
My plan is to attend Slippery Rock’s Graduate School of Physical Therapy, graduate with my Doctorate in Physical Therapy, and work in an outpatient setting. 
What piece of advice can you offer to students considering SRU?
I would tell any prospective students considering SRU that this program has more to offer than just classroom education.  In my relatively short time here so far, I have gotten involved in as much as I could.  The opportunities at this university are endless.  The learning experiences can be found in and out of the classroom. 
What learning opportunity outside the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?
RunClub has definitely helped me more than anything else.  I have made friends through the club, gotten to know professors, and now it has given me leadership experience.  Through casual conversation with professors at RunClub, I have asked many questions about the major, classes, current topics, and so on.  It is a nice, informal, and social environment for learning and exercise!
How have you engaged in the ES culture?
Opportunities for involvement at SRU are bountiful! I have been most engaged with RunClub.  Dr. Lynn, Allyssa, Justin and I have really tried to increase attendance to the club.  After all, our major is all about healthy behaviors and running has many benefits.  Other than trying to get people to exercise, I like to exercise myself!  The President’s 5K and a local benefit 5K were two races I have run in this year, as well as involvement in intramural sports.
What were your reasons for selecting SRU?
I chose SRU for several reasons.  First and foremost, I believe that the Exercise Science Program here is the best around. The professors are knowledgeable and know how to transfer that knowledge to students.  The location of campus for me was also a major factor.  I am from a small town, and the town of Slippery Rock reminded me of home away from home.  Finally, the price of my education here was way better than any other university with all of the things mentioned above!
What learning opportunity in the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?
 I think the topics we covered in Introduction to Exercise Science have helped me the most so far in my academic career.  Learning about professionalism has helped me when I have done observations.  Also getting a basic overview of our major has helped me bring everything else I learn in the classroom into perspective.  It makes material in the classroom easier to apply. 

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