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 Featured Student:  Lauren Marriner 



What’s your intended career path?

Upon graduating from Exercise Science, I hope to gain admittance into Slippery Rock’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. My career goal is to become a Physical Therapist specializing in outpatient orthopedics.

What piece of advice can you offer to students considering SRU?

When considering a school, it is important to choose one that can provide you with the best opportunities to make you successful in your future career goals. Slippery Rock University possesses all the tools necessary to make its students successful. The class sizes at Slippery Rock allow for students to know their professors and to get the one-on-one help needed in courses that they might be struggling in. I know that in the Exercise Science department all of the professors have an open door policy with their students. Further the courses in the Exercise Science department allow students to not only learn from lectures, but to also learn through practical hands on experiences.  The majority of the courses you take in Exercise Science will have a lab that will allow you to practice the techniques and topics learned in lectures. Slippery Rock not only has outstanding academics, but it also provides the perfect transition from high school. The campus provides many opportunities for you to get involved and meet new people. During my freshman year I joined a hand full of clubs just to try new things and meet new people. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the campus has beautiful new dorms that help you feel right at home!

What learning opportunity outside the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?

My most beneficial learning opportunity outside of the classroom would have to be my student-faculty research. In my Adapted Physical Activity minor I had the opportunity to perform research with my professor, Dr. Kemeny. We performed research on the promotion of health for youth with autism through technology intervention. During this research I was able to analyze data and write an abstract under the guidance of Dr. Kemeny. I also had the opportunity to present the research at the SRU research symposium and at the American Therapeutic Recreation Association National Conference. This experience has taught me about the long process involved with research and the importance of it in any field of study.

How have you engaged in the ES culture?

I have been involved with the Exercise Science Society and Pre-Physical Therapy Club since the spring of my freshman year. Through Exercise Science Society, I was able to attend the Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter of American College of Sports Medicine (MARC) last fall and learn about research in our field. I will also be attending MARC this fall to represent the Exercise Science Department in the College Bowl. Being involved in the ES culture helps you to get to know your professors and peers outside of the classroom.

What were your reasons for selecting SRU?

One of the main reasons that I chose Slippery Rock University was because of the commendable reputation of the Physical Therapy Department. Slippery Rock’s Physical Therapy program is nationally recognized. When discussing my interest in Slippery Rock University in my hometown of Hagerstown, Maryland the Physical Therapists raved about the professionalism and expertise of the students. I also chose Slippery Rock University because of the tuition. Attending this university was more affordable than attending schools in Maryland.

What learning opportunity in the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?

All the practical experiences that Slippery Rock’s Exercise Science courses offer have been beneficial to me.  Working with a client through my Senior Synthesis course has been the most valuable practical experience though. This opportunity has taught me critical thinking skills that will be beneficial to me in my future career path. This experience has allowed me to take the knowledge learned in my lower level courses and apply them with a client. I was able to conduct an interview and help my client develop personal goals for the semester. Using this information I was also able to design and implement an individualized exercise prescription. This experience has taught me that using information to answer questions on a test is different than applying information in a real life scenario; Slippery Rock has prepared me to be successful at both.  

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