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 Featured Student:  Laurent Barchetti 




What’s your intended career path?

I will be attending Cal U in the Fall to complete their PTA program, and then hopefully start working as a Physical Therapy Assistant.  I also hope to help others become educated on the benefits of living a healthy, active lifestyle.

What piece of advice can you offer to students considering SRU?

I would tell them to visit the campus, talk with current students and professors, know what they are passionate about and choose a program that will interest them.  There are so many opportunities such as all different majors and minors as well.  There are also many clubs and activities to join to stay active on campus and in the community.

What learning opportunity outside the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?

I am in the Adapted Physical Activity minor so this gave me hands on experience working with people with disabilities. I participated in many volunteer hours of all different programs such as AVS, Kids in Action, and the Equestrian Center. For all of these programs I had to adapt physical activity to meet the needs of each individual, whether they be visually impaired, intellectually disabled, etc.  Two summers ago I also had the chance to be a camp counselor at VIP Sports Camp, which is for children who are visually impaired. Working with the kids and helping them play all different sports was truly an amazing opportunity.

How have you engaged in the ES culture?

I have tried to participate in as many activities as I could. I have been in the Exercise Science Society, the Pre-Pt club, Major Fitness, and the 10,000 Step Challenge. Staying involved has helped me make connections with peers and professors.

What were your reasons for selecting SRU?

I chose Slippery Rock because I wanted to have an undergraduate degree that would prepare me for Physical Therapy. However, once I heard more about Exercise Science I fell in love with the program. It is everything that I am interested in.

What learning opportunity in the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?

I have had so many beneficial opportunities in the classroom. My first would be working with my client in Senior Synthesis. This has given me a real life experience and has greatly prepared me for my future. I would also say all of the labs that go with the classes helped with hands on application of what we were learning.

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