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 Featured Student: Kristin Eberhart  



What is your intended career path?
I will begin the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at SRU this fall
2013.  After graduation, I would be thrilled to move to Colorado and be a Physical Therapist in an outpatient setting.
What piece of advice can you offer to students considering attending SRU?
My top three suggestions are: visit Slippery Rock, talk to students and professionals in the program, and shadow professionals in a related career.  You really have to enjoy what you are studying so take a little time beforehand to research and ensure that what you choose to study excites you.
What learning opportunity outside the classroom has been the most beneficial for you? 
I ran my first marathon this past fall, and it was surprisingly one of the best experiences of my life because everything I was able to learn through it.  Aside from all the time, energy and dedication that must be put into training, I realized how much of a tremendous support system I have around me.  I may not have realized this to such an extraordinary capacity had I not taken a chance to do something I did not think I was capable of doing.

How have you engaged in the ES culture? Clubs, activities, etc.?
I am the Secretary of Exercise Science Society, I work as a lab assistant for 3 exercise science courses, and I have been serving as a research assistant in the DEER Hunting Research study within the ERS department.  For the past two years I have also enjoyed traveling to the MARC Conference with students and faculty from the department.
What were your reasons for selecting SRU?
I initially found SRU attractive because of the 3+3 Exercise Science and Physical Therapy program.  However, after visiting the school and engaging in classes, I found that there was more to this adventure than finishing school as fast as I could.  This was truly the place where I learned to love learning.
What learning opportunity in the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?
I enjoyed the hands on learning in the classroom.  Whether I was
performing a VO2max test in Exercise Physiology or administering a bike test in Fitness Assessment, the skills I learned in following protocols and communicating with another individual will become significantly useful in my future career as a Physical Therapist.

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